10 Best Shiatsu Massage Chairs Ever in 2017 For The Price

Shiatsu which is also called Acupressure is one of the most rejuvenating and relaxing massage techniques. Having best massage chair ever is like all that you need to make you free from any stress after doing your solid activities. Even it helps you to make your life more comfortable. But the question is how you can find the best one when the options of massage chairs are quite many on the internet with various prices claimed to be the best.

We do believe that your regular sleeping mattress cannot soothe your muscle optimally or relax your body just like the massage chairs. When you sit for many hours in your office chairs with all deadlines and tight instruction from your boss, it takes everything mentally and physically. With a hectic routine, it is like a dream that never comes true to get back to a comfortable place so you can relax your body for seconds and remove all pressure and stress.

10 Best Massage Chairs Ever in 2017 For The Price

10 Best Massage Chairs Ever in 2017 For The Price

It is possible to visit best massage spa or call a personal therapist to get enjoyable and relaxing massage, but it sounds impossible to do it for anytime if you don’t mind to estimate the budget. Visiting a massage space can be quite expensive. Moreover, the price can be varied since they will charge per hour and depend on the day, destination, location as well as the service that you need. If you need a simple bone massage, it makes you to spend about $50 per hour in a regular massage spa, but for some expensive spas you have to spend it for 30 minutes. The most expensive spa may force you to spend about $120 per hour with its luxurious service.

But if you prefer to hire a personal therapist who will come to your home in every weekend or twice in a week, the price can be about $60 per hour and for the experts, it can reach more than $100. Assume that you prefer a massage spa for 3 or 4 times in a month, you will need $400 and the cost of fuel to go to the spa. But if you choose the massage therapist, it can cost you about $500-$700 per month. In short, both of them will lead you to overspending.

That is the reason for the coming of massage chairs, why they designed it and why most people chose it. It is excellent to deal with modern life for busy time so you can massage at home and relieve your body from stress, anxiety and pain. The chairs are specially designed to give many health advantages such as maintaining your blood pressure, removing mental stress and the most important is the better and affordable option compared to hiring a massage therapist or going to expensive massage spa.

Now, the last question is which massage chair that is the best one to choose on the market? We are here to help you out. Therefore, we made a list out for the best ones with unbeatable features, specifications and functions. We also have the top rated options in affordable price tags. It can be your long-term investment that is worth for the price.

Name Airbags Massage programs
Special 2016 Best Valued Shiatsu Chair Therapeutic 4
w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C – Black 30 4
Real Relax Zero Gravity Plus VR Headset 35 6
Full Body Zero Gravity L-Track Kahuna Double Layer, 36 6
RELAXONCHAIR with Built In Shiatsu 20 5
Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium N/A 3
Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Shiatsu 46 6
Inada Sogno Dreamwave Available 8
Fujita KN9005 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Multiple 6
AcuTouch HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair N/A 8
  1. Special 2016 Best Valued Shiatsu Chair – Most affordable and discounted model on the market

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Believe it or not that it s one of the most popular recliners in 2017 and it is one of the most affordable and discounted model you can find on the market. It is designed with four auto massage programs you can control through the user-friendly control panels you can find around the armrests. The techniques are amazing and you will get a real massage therapist.

It is also available in four color options; beige, black, brown and red.

Key features

This Luxury Shiatsu Zero gravity comes in four key features. It is designed to give you about 5-30 minutes of variable massage times. If you are a little bit busy but you need to refresh your body in a minute, you can enjoy the massage in just 5 minutes. Or if your job is done and you go home with no other meetings for your business life, you can use this to enjoy about 30 minutes of massage times. Besides, the recliner is designed with 3D intelligent detect which will support real humanized massage hands that will make you feel like you are inviting a therapist at home but with the more affordable investment. It allows you to choose with the head to toe massage, real humanized massage, kneading, tapping, clapping and rolling massage as well as Shiatsu massage.

In addition, there are four auto massage programs you can control through the control panel close to the armrest. The built-in heat therapy unit is also added and located on the back of it. The heating feature will work automatically and it will be active while you are starting the massage. The plus point is it has different techniques that will concern on the stress points of your body.

Shiatsu Chair Full Feature chair massage by ideal massage

Shiatsu Chair Full Feature chair massage by ideal massage

Why Shiatsu Massage Chair is Best

The greatest benefit to have Shiatsu Massage chair is that it is the relaxing massage that you can use at home.

First, it is because the recliner is the best for pain relief. If you are those who always have a pain problem after working or doing something too much, it is a good massage recliner and the heat system will help you to remove the pain.

Second, it is also the best option if you have big concern on quiet massage. The chair is designed with four-wheel driven muted massage hands so that it means only little to no noise to produce when you start using the massage recliner. The massage hands can move vertically on the S-track rolling system which has ergonomic design.

It is also good for those who need heat therapy. It is equipped with built-in heat therapy which is important for your back to relax all muscles there.

The comfortable massage recliner is also the big reason why you need it and why it is the best option. The chair also has therapeutic airbags added to the shoulders, calves, foot, seat area and arms that will support you to enhance the massage experience.

The last strong reason is because it is one of true zero gravity massage recliners. It is completed with 3 zero gravity positions that will make the recliner changes its position simply by touching the button so you will get more comfortable and relaxing massage experience.

Shiatsu Chair full featured Special 2016 Best Valued Shiatsu Chair by ideal massage

Shiatsu Chair full featured Special 2016 Best Valued Shiatsu Chair by ideal massage

A Guide to Use Shiatsu Deep Tissue Recliner Massage Chair

All about this recliner can be controlled through a remote control that you can find in the right-hand side of the chair. The remote control displays all about the massage functions, width of the massage hands, the massage position, the duration of massage and other information.  From the remote control, you can turn the chair on and the chair massage function will work by automatic shoulder-back full scanning program. This program detects and determines the exact body size of the person who sits in the chair. Once the process is over, the massage chair will deliver unique personalized massage experience the user to enjoy the massage.


There are some features you can use. The massage times for example. It will allow you to set the massage time to the time frame that you need. The massage time is from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You can set it to get continuous massage.

Automatic and Manual Modes

When you go with automatic mode, it means that you will get multi-functional massages with the combination of shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling as well as vibrating massaging methods. But, if you choose the manual mode, it means that you will take control the back rollers at any point of the body. It also means that you will control the types of massage intensity, airbags, speed and others.

Automatic and Manual Modes Shiatsu Chair by ideal massage

Automatic and Manual Modes Shiatsu Chair by ideal massage

The Humanized Massage Hands are also available with the four-wheel driven massage hands that work best to give you muted mechanisms so there will be little to no noise at all to make during the massage session so it provides you high comfort. In addition, the humanized massage hands are designed with intelligent 3D detect technology to make it possible to detect the size of the user.

The last is about the 4 auto programs that will let you to choose from Shiatsu to Vibration. The Shiatsu means that you can use the power rollers in the massage chair to get shiatsu massage experience just like masseurs. The shiatsu gives you a solution to relax muscle, reduce fatigue and refresh your body and mind. About kneading program, it helps you to reduce muscle pain and it works out the knots in the muscle. The Spinal Rolling program gives similar experience to fixed-point of revolving finger pressing as you can get from professional masseurs which is more effective and give direct effect on the body. The last option is the vibration program that will relax the body since it will stimulate the dilation of blood vessels. It helps you to eliminate the toxins and the impurities in blood, organs and tissues.

It Is The Best Option For…

Those who have problems like pains and ache around the back, neck, feet and other parts of the body, it is the best option to go with especially on a regular basis. It is also a best option if you need a relaxed calm massage to give you ultimate comfort and it is a nice addition at home.

It Is Not Good For…

It is important to know that massage chairs can lower blood pressure. It means those who suffer from low blood pressure are not recommended to use it before consulting to their doctor. If you are one of them, be sure that you consult to doctor before using it.

People with blood clotting or coagulation problem and people who bruise easily is not recommended using the massage chair. It is better to get hand massage.

People with pacemakers in their hearts should consult to their doctor since the electricity in the chair probably interfere the function of the pacemaker.

People with health disorders such as epilepsy seizures are better to consult to a physician first before using the chair.


The voltage AC 120 V, 60Hz
The wattage 20-230 watts
Motors 4 powerful motors, 2 air pumps
Weight 200 Lbs
Recliner Dimensions 33” wide x 31” high x 68” deep
Upright Dimensions 33” wide x 49” high x 53” deep
Packing Dimensions 55 x 35 x 33 inches
Color Material Black, beige, brown, red
Features Heater and zero gravity
Accessories Built-in heat in the back, seat vibrator, wheels on the back for easy movement, remote control holder.


Customer Support

Any question about the chair, it is possible to contact the company in US, BH and iDeal Products. They also ship out of California.

To call, here is the customer support number: 619-628-9503 or 619-630-1440

The specialists will answer your call from 9 am to pm PST every day.

Good Bad
Zero gravity features for comfortable position in affordable price

Deep tissue massage

4 auto massage functions

Thorough back massage experience with the roller extends all way from neck to tailbone

Easy to set up and comes pre-assembled

Powerful motors

Bulky design and takes some extra room in the rear for reclining

The foot portion doesn’t recline separately from the back; the function is pre-set to allow you to control


Shiatsu Zero Gravity with Deep Tissue Massage Chair is good option to buy if you need a recliner with many features. It has various functions that commonly only can be found in more expensive massage recliners.

  1. w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C (Black) – Affordable full body massage chair, best rank and offers many features

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It is a full body massage chair that works best instead of finding full body shiatsu massage service that can be expensive, take time since you have to find the best one and you don’t know the experience of the service provider. It is a good solution if you are coming home with aches and pains over your whole body after working with a lot of things and energy to spend.

Key Features

This full body massage chair recliner will cover all areas from your neck to your feet and everywhere. The neck massage feature is added to give tsubo points to remove all stress and pressure areas. It comes with 30 airbags with 20 of those airbags placed in the lower portion of the chair to give optimal massage to the legs, calves and thighs. The chair distributes ultra-long range massage to reach high even up in the neck and all the way down to the lower portion of the tail bone with the fingerlike rollers. The built-in heat system will make you comfortable.

exclusive w Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C Black leather Shiatsu electric massage chair review

exclusive w Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C Black leather Shiatsu electric massage chair review

The weight is only about 300 pounds. This is a black chair with real leather upholstery. It has power rollers that are good to relax stress in the muscles. It supports you to rejuvenate your mind, relax your body and lessen fatigue. It relaxes the muscles in the back, arms and the legs. This full body massage chair enhances flexibility, mobility and overall posture. Even it was chosen to be the number 1 Best Professional Massage Chair in 2015.

Product Details

The recliner weighs 185 pounds and the shipping weight is about 300 pounds. It is manufactured in China and you don’t have to send the chair back. You have to send the defective part back to the manufacturer to get it repaired. The company will send the item back if the repair has been finished. Our reliable source mentioned that there is a very little information about the company behind it. There is no problem with the chair because it seems great but it sounds hard to get hold of the company. If it works as it should, it doesn’t have a problem. But it can be a problem if it has any issues since to get help can be hard.

Massage Programs and Options

The chair provides you the right massage type with various options. It has Shiatsu with the use of power rollers to relax muscles, rejuvenate mind and body and to reduce fatigue. The compression and percussion is also available to improve flexibility, range of motion and mobility of legs. The Chop Action type for the tapping and flapping is the next option to relieve tense and stiff muscles as well as soreness from muscles and stress. The kneading option supports relieving muscle pain, knots and kinks.

About the massage programs, there are various types to go with such as recovery program, extend program, relax program and refresh program. Each of them are designed to give unique massage based on your needs and you can adjust the intensity level for a deep, intense massage to penetrate into the tissue and enjoy the gentle massage to keep you relax and unwind. The flexible roller system supports the shape of your back and the touches of all areas.

With the high powered vibration motor and air pressure, it delivers you an effective massage to the buttocks area. The 30 airbags with built-in heat intelligent roller system will soothe your back and the comforting heat will perform and the rollers will loosen and refresh your back.

The chair is fully automatic and with a push of a button, it will raise and low the back rest, the foot and the leg ottoman. It is easy to operate all features with the use of control panel.

It Is The Best Option For…

It can be used for those who have chronic problems of arm, leg pain and lower back since the massage will relieve these issues. It also can be used for daily to relief pain and to increase the flexibility of body muscles.

If you love massage and you want to have to have it in your home, it is a good choice to go with.

It Is Not Good For…

Those who have occasional pain as well as muscle spasm, the cost can be the problem. The chair is quite large so it is important to make sure that there is enough space in your living room or family room to store the chair when it is not in use. The chair is also heavy so it needs a help to move it from place to place in your house. It only can be done by someone who can maneuver this 300-pound of electric car.

Good Bad
A very affordable massage chair recliner with a lot of options and features that you only can find in expensive model

It supports very tall person comfortably as well as the arm area.

The chair has instructional video to teach you to operate the controls and to assemble.

Easy to assemble


Heavy and large chair with the weight about 300 lbs., but it is easy to maneuver.

Lack of support from the manufacturer and the company is often hard to get hold of.

Doesn’t come with zero gravity like Osaki OS-4000 or Shiatsu True Zero Gravitiy, but it reclines fully.


To be honest, it can be hard to find a more economical option available with all options that the chair has to offer. It is a chair that will give you full featured massage from head to toe with the great assists targeting those problem areas to deal with all pains you feel because overuse or working hard. The massage chairs are the solution to reduce stress of your everyday life for a more relaxed mind. If you don’t mind with its heavy and large design and you don’t have any high concern about the background of the manufacturer behind it, it is a good recliner to go. But, it is not a zero-gravity massage recliner.

  1. Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair – Many great features with high quality at great price

Key features

Buy Button Amazon FikreviewsThe model of this massage chair is the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Favor 01 which is presented by Real Relax. This product has some key features such as heated seat, zero gravity and 35 airbags. The color options are available into three which will be the black, burgundy and khaki.

Why it is the best

First, it is helpful to improve your circulation. Massages help a lot to improve your blood flow and at the same time it will help the nutrients in body to be absorbed quicker. Your body will be better to remove all toxins.

Second, you can use it if you want to sleep better. It is because it helps you to feel relaxed and then you can sleep better. It happens because the product helps to tension off your muscles. It provides calming feel to decrease fidgeting in bed so you can sleep tightly.

Third, it helps you to decrease muscle soreness. It can build up tension in your muscles which is a nice massage chair that you can use after a tiring sports and walking. The technique in this massage chair is on the acupressure points, so it can relieve pain. It also helps a lot to get rid of chronic pain caused by diseases like fibromyalgia.

Fourth, if you have a problem with bad posture, this massage chair can improve your posture. The bad posture leads to other causes like back pain. If the chair improves your posture, it takes in more oxygen and then it removes all stress from certain muscles.

Fifth, a massage chair can be helpful to give more positive feel. Doing massages release endorphins which good hormones to make you feel happier that potentially will remove Seasonal Affective Disorder. Your mental can be improved once the stress and anxiety can be removed. Massage chairs are the solutions to relieve migraines too.

Sixth, it is a best option in case that you need a heat therapy. It is because the seat is designed with heating system that will speed up your pain relief process. The mechanism is dilating the blood vessels in your body area where the heat has been transferred. In another word, the chair can be valuable to improve your circulation and it is good for treating cramps. You can use it during winter too.

Last but not the least it is a good product because it can deal with constipation. If constipation is the common issue you have, the massage chair can help you to deal it with the Shiatsu massage technique. It provides you pulling and stretching motion in abdominal area to heal your constipation.

Guide to use the massage chair

You will get the instructions manual and you have to assemble it by following the instructions. After that, you can plug it in and then turn the power on by using the remote controller. Choose the preset auto program you need and select the part of the body that you want to get a treatment. It is also possible for you to select the speed and intensity of the massage. The options will be displayed in the screen and select the position of the chair and sit back. You can now enjoy the massage.

Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair review

Real Relax Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair review

Massage programs and options

Inside the backrest, there are 8 massage points that will work together with other areas so you will get a complete massage with high comfort and relax from head to toe.

There are 35 airbags located in shoulder, seat, and arms, legs and hips area. It is also designed with a space capsule arm design to provide pulsed massages from the arm sections. The 360 degree feature gives seamless massage airbags so it creates rhythmic pulses to stimulate the muscles inside your body.

There is airbag on both shoulder with four airbags move to compress the shoulders and there are four big airbags wrap arms to relieve arm tension. The hip compression round airbags on each side will relieve tension and stress. In addition, there are eight massage points in backrest that is connected to other massage zones to give complete massage for your comfort. The foot massage will give you deep stimulation to relieve exhaustion and promote blood circulation. The last is the full wrap leg airbag massage with 20 airbags that will wrap our legs to give deep massage to relieve aches.

The foot massages are very unique which make it different from other models. The Real Relax massage chair is designed with rollers to massage your feet. It also supports tall people because the footrest is extendable. The multi-mode massage can be used to remove foot fatigue.


The massage chair has zero gravity position which is good to make it as an ideal massage chairs. It keeps your feet in a position above your heart to decompress your spine. It will make you feel relax and weightless to relieve all back muscles.

Real Relax full body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair many features

Real Relax full body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair many features

It is designed with a remote controller that is very easy to use. There is no confusing jargon to use. The remote control is designed with small symbols on its buttons to indicate the action you can choose. The Button for ‘zero gravity’ mode displays the chair reclining. It has clear label in each button and it is featured with VFD screen.

The massage chair is designed from high quality synthetic leather as well as advanced shocking absorbing foam. The foam is anti-static and flame retardant. It is advanced foam that will never bring any squeaky noises although you move a lot.

At the bottom, the product is completed with wheels so you can move it around from one to another place.

The product is FDA registered with the weight about 160 lbs and its wattage is about 100 W and it needs plug-in point AC 120 V.

This product is best for…

It should be used for those who have a problem with constant back pain but they have no time to visit therapist. It is also can be used for those who cannot afford any regular appointments with masseuse. At first, you may think that the price is a bit too much but it is included to be one of the less expensive chairs in the market that will save your more money in the long run. It is also suitable for those who have chronic pain issue and need quick relief without any side effects. The last recommended people to use it are those who need to loosen their muscles.

It is not recommended for…

This massage chair is not designed to people with the weight more than 440 lbs because it cannot support that amount of weight. It is also not recommended to use by children below 6 years without any guardian. For pregnant women, they have to use it very carefully because it may be harm for their unborn fetus.

If you doubt about whether you have to use it or not, it is better to contact your doctor. The chair is very easy to assemble that can be done in less than 30 minutes but those who detest assembling items shouldn’t go with this chair.

Good Bad
Zero gravity massage

Foot rollers

Roller massage for back

Eight points targeted massage

3 preset auto massage programs

Heat therapy for lumbar

Extendable footrest

VR headset from Google

Full body massage chair

Roller casters

Best valued chair for features




Real Relax has built this amazing product with more amazing price. It is a nice option for those who are in low budget with the same features as other expensive chairs.

  1. Full Body Zero Gravity L-Track Kahuna – A comfortable massage chairs with lot of bells and whistles

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We are reviewing the Full-Body Zero Gravity Space Saving L-Track Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800 which is completed with heating therapy. It can be your next option if you are looking for a massage chair featured with L-track design, yoga stretching, two zero gravity positions, body scan technology and deep foot massage. It is also FDA approved massage chair with kaki brown color, no other options available for the color.

Why it is good

First, it can relax your whole body. This model works really well to relax your body, remove stress and at the same time to keep calm your body as well as mind.

Second, it supports you to have head-to-toe massage. The massage chair is a nice option instead of going to professional massage therapist. Once you push a button, you will get the access to enjoy great massage to relax your body and to support all muscles knots and achy muscles. It helps you to loosen up tense along the spine as well as knotted muscles.

Third, you can use it to enjoy the heat treatments that will bring many benefits to your body. It makes the massage more effective and it is good to heal injured areas faster. The heat also gives good feel that you can use the chair in the winter or even in air-conditioned room.

Fourth, it is a massage chair you can use to eliminate toxins. It is because the product is designed with Yoga program that will help you to remove all toxins and waste inside your body.

Fifth, you should use it to improve blood circulation. Many massage programs are available that you can use to help your body to improve the blood circulation.

Sixth, the massage chair provides comfortable foot massage. It comes with dual foot rollers that will give you soothing foot massage so you can relax your feet and remove all pain around.

The last, you can enjoy the full body stretching techniques. It provides you full body stretch with the special concern on the pelvis and legs. The stretching session can be added with 30 minute session if you want to.

Full Body Zero Gravity L-Track Kahuna review

Full Body Zero Gravity L-Track Kahuna review

Guide to use the chair

Turn the power on when you sit down. This will activate the different massage options of the chair. You have to power it so the chair provides computer scan technology to give you best massaging experience. Later, select different settings by using remote control. It is possible for you to select about the how much you have to lean back on the chair because it has 2 stages of zero gravity position. It is possible for you to make a choice about the massage type that you want from the remote control. Next, select one of the different programs.

Massage programs and options

The whole body massage comes with 36 air bag massagers. There are five different body massage programs based on specific areas such as neck to waist, waist to lower back, lower back to buttock, neck to buttock and buttock to mid back. There are 6 auto massage programs available starting from the Yoga, SV-Chiro, Deep Tissue, Stretching, Relax and Rejuvenate.


The first is about the L-Track system which is the more expensive massage chairs. It lets the massage chair to give a massage from neck down to the buttock. It works with the motion of quad rollers. It means if you find a massage chair without L-track system, the chair is only providing massage to tailbone and not down to the buttocks.

The second is the Yoga stretching. This program is provided by the chair and the technique will give you full body stretch with the main attention to the legs and pelvis.

The third is the deep foot massage. It is supported by dual rollers positioned under the feet with the acupuncture points in kneading style action. It can be more intense with the support of airbags. It inflates and pushes the feet through the rollers.

The fourth is the last which about the zero gravity positions. It is the most effective position that you can enjoy a massage. There is two zero gravity positions in this chair and the second position is more reclined than the first. This can be helpful to spread your body weight to the whole of the chair to remove stress on the body and to make the massage result is more intense.

Technology design

There is body scan technology to perform. Once you turn the chair on, the boy scan will be preformed. It tracks your body contour. It is able to adjust itself to the size which is good for small and big person. It takes few seconds to do the initial scan to complete. The data will be saved to a database for future use.

In addition, it only supports the weight about 220 lb with the 20-inch of internal measurement and 5-inch of calf measurement. The roller speed has 3 levels.

Kahuna model 6800 and 700 is different

So, the 7000 model is the latest model with smoother massage and more natural massage compared to the 6800 model. The 7000 model also comes with built in speakers as well as updated controllers. The extended time for massage is available which you cannot find it in 6800 model. Besides, the 7000 model design is more modern.

It is best for…

Those who have stressful life, it is good to use this product because it can remove all stress.

Those who suffer from aching back, neck, feet and other parts of the body, it is recommended to use the chair.

Those who enjoy heat treatments, it is good for you.

Those who need massage chair with convenient design for your home, this should be carefully considered.

It is approved by FDA as medieval device which all about the design and performance has been tested clinically.

It is not recommended for…

Those who are more than 250 pounds as overloading the massage chair that will lead to missed scan, dysfunction chair and improper massage.

Those who have low blood pressure problems should use it carefully because it is able to lower the blood pressure.

Those who have problem with blood clotting are not recommended, it is okay for hand massage only.

Those who have pacemakers in their hearts are not recommended since the electric output of the machine interfere the pacemaker function.

Those who are pregnant should consult to doctor first so the chair doesn’t harm the baby.

Good Bad
Two zero gravity positions to lift feet at least 5-6 inches above heart for more relaxed massage process.

Support very tall or heavy individual without any issues.

30 minute Yoga program to stretch and massage body.

Has higher than normal price tag with many functions and features.

Very heavy and bulky so you need more room to support the chair.


It is a great chair with many offers for an individual. It is one of the massage chairs for those who need serious chair that can last for years. But, this is an extravagant chair that can take up much space. It is a good investment if you are a faithful user that needs chair like this to deal with all pains and aches for your downtime and relaxation.

  1. RELAXONCHAIR with Built In Shiatsu – Afforable Massage Chair with Zero-Gravity Technology and Computerized Control Panel

Buy Button Amazon FikreviewsIt is a terrific product especially with the zero-gravity, body scan features and heating pads. For the benefits you can get, it is best massage chair for the price, even better compared to the most brands in higher price points. If you cannot go with massage chair that has bulky design, this is the solution since the design is small so it can fit in small apartments but give you enough comfort.

The foot rollers can be a bit tough but it can be solved by an extra pair of socks. The company claimed that its cost is affordable with ergonomic designs and quality materials. It has White Glove Service so their delivery man will be responsible to transport the product, assembly it and clean it up for extra cost.


The massage chair is recommended for the user with the height about 6’2” while the user weight should be about 345 lbs maximum. It needs power consumption around 230 W with the product weight about 183 lbs. It is available in chocolate and charcoal.

RELAXONCHAIR with Built In Shiatsu review Best massage chair

RELAXONCHAIR with Built In Shiatsu review Best massage chair


If you have a problem with chronic back pain and sciatica, there are two lower back heating pads help you solving these problems. It is also designed with four different automatic massage programs. It also has three massage intensity and speeds.

You can use this massage chair for full body massage experience with the L-tracking massage system. The Spinal Decompression program is added to give you human-like massage experience. The use of zero-gravity multifunction supports it without a big wall clearance. It can detect the length of your spine as well as the right spots to massage, thanks to built-in sensor.

As other massage chairs, it is featured with airbag massage technology to stretch and twist the part of your body. The control panel has computer-based operation so you can view and control it easily. With the compact design, it can fit to rooms with small space.

Why it is good

First, we love its computerized control panel which makes it more than several rival chairs. It is designed with computerized control panel located on the left side of the armrests. It looks too much, but the control panel is easy to use. It is also quite big so you can see and understand without wearing your eyeglasses. There are four different programs and about three manual techniques as well as the intensities. It is important for you to decide about how strong and fast the massage application you want. The controller has handy design too.

Second, it is highlighted by the special decompression button. It is the second point why it is better than the competitors. Once you press the button on the control panel, This Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage chair starts doing body scan to detect the length of your spine with the use of L-tracking system. As a result, it can perform more accurate massage by massaging in the right locations. You don’t have to shift from time to time only to get the right spots.

Third, this massage chair is small, but it provides big seating space that will give you high comfort. It can fit through doorways about 36 inches. If you have narrower that is 32 inches, you can remove the hinges so it can pass the doorways. The seating space is big which about 29 inches by 50 inches are.

Fourth, the full body massage of this Zero Gravity Shiatsu will make you sleep since it is able to fully recline to lying position. It is also designed with individual air bags that can deflate and inflate to relieve tension around your neck, leg and shoulder areas as well as to stretch your body. It gives you good and relaxing massage around your hip area with the two heating pads for your lower back too.

The last about why it is good is the zero gravity in 3 stages. The zero-gravity technology in this massage chair is a bit different from most chairs. It only requires 3-inch clearance from the wall. To get new zero-gravity experience, the chair slides forward so the headrest moves downward. It is also able to elevate your feet higher than the level of your heart.

Why it is not recommended

First, it is not recommended if you have a problem with its foot rollers. It can be a bit strong that can make you feel sore after using it. But, if you don’t think that it is a serious problem, you can solve it by placing shoe inserts in its foot rest. Another way you can do is to wear socks or light slippers.

The last thing that you may don’t like is the warranty coverage that is a bit complicated. It is mentioned to have three-year warranty but it is not as comprehensive as you thought. The parts will be totally covered only during the first year and the warranty will be extended to the structural framework of the chair for the next two years. Besides, you have to deal with the shipping cost in case that it gets broken.

Pros Cons
Easy to use computerized control panel

4 different programs and 3 manual techniques and intensities

Special decompression button for more accurate massage

Small size but large seating space

Full body massage with three stages of zero gravity technology

The foot rollers can be a bit strong that can make you feel sore (solve it with shoe inserts in the foot rest/ wear socks)

Complicated warranty coverage


Zero Gravity Shiatsu is a nice option if you have more than a thousand dollars to invest. It comes with a lot of things to offer compared to other chairs in the same price or at least even better. If only you don’t mind with the tough foot rollers, this chair will really give you a comfortable massage experience.

  1. Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium – Classic massage chair, built to last and easy on your pocket

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From the features and the price, this massage chair is a perfect balance. It doesn’t come with many features that you can find in pricier chairs but they offer superb things. The company has a concern on its durability that it can work for even more than a decade if you can treat it well. It is comfortable for people about 5’10” or less in height. Therefore, you should be ware on this category.

It is a great match for you if you don’t have any matter with massage program and you need an affordable chair that can last for many years.

It is presented by Human Touch as the leading providers to create high quality and innovative massage chairs. The company manufactured it with patented massage system that can replicate professional therapy. The Human Touch chairs received award from Design Journal Award for Design Excellence (ADEX) with its ergonomic function and fashion design.


The chair massage has 44-inch long, 35-inch wide, 40-inch high. The width of the seat is about 18-inch and the distance to wall is 11.5-inch. The weight is only about 88 lbs. It comes with recline operation power and recline angle is 113-165 degree. The range control is 24-inch with the auto timer shut-off in 15 minutes. It is featured with quad roller and message robot 2 motor. It is available in black and espresso.

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium shiatsu chair massage

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium shiatsu chair massage

Main features

First, it comes with 3 invigorating auto massage program that will support you to refresh your back, release your lower back and relive your neck as well as shoulders.

Second, it has built-in control panel located at hand to allow you controlling the massage at ease with your fingertips without any interruptions.

Third, the power recline helps you to adjust the angle in a push of a button. This recline will work slowly until you find the right spot and it will give you great intensity.

Fourth, the removable massage softening pad allows you to easily control the intensity for your massage. You can go from deep kneading to light rub.

Fifth, it is equipped with a cup holder that let you enjoy your drink while you chill.

The last is the built-in auxiliary power outlet to make it conventional for all your comfort.

Why it is best

Its durability is the first concern. It can last for many years if you know the right way to treat and maintain it. Even based on customers’ report, it can still strong for a decade of use.

The next important part why it is best is the cushion with removable massage softening pad. You can tone down the kneading pressure by zipping it to a pocket. It means that the intensity is adjustable manually, not from the control panel. But, if you want more intense experience, it is possible for you to unzip the existing paddle and then fold it down. This will remove the buffer between the rollers and your back.

robotic Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium shiatsu massage

robotic Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium shiatsu massage

Its quality to perform a good massage is very high. It comes with three 15-minute massages. It allows you to refresh the entire back with the rolling motion, relieve neck and shoulders with the kneading motion and release the lower back with the option between compression and percussion. These programs are good to relieve tense muscles and work the aches out from the back.

It is also interesting that the iJoy chair is about 88 pounds that makes it easy to maneuver. You don’t need a chiropractor since you can push the wheels to wherever you like.

Why it is not recommended

First, it is not recommended for taller people. If you have more than 5’10” in height, you shouldn’t go with this massage chair. Or if not, you will get an improper massage on shoulders and upper back.

For taller people, the chair can be too low. It is true that it is a nice and comfortable easy chair, but taller people will get other issues because it is close to the ground.

The next issue is the limited features. It has a low price and the money you spend will be only for a control panel, 3 massage programs and recline ability. If you want more such as zero gravity positions, body scan software and leg or foot massagers, it means you have to check other more expensive models.

But, if you love the cup holder and it is always be your favorite time to get massage with frosty beer or good wine close to you, this can be a nice option to go with.

Moreover, Human Touch also creates leg and foot message ottoman that can be paired with the iJoy massage chair.

The last issue is about the fabric cover that cannot hold up well. Its mechanism can work for more than a decade if you treat the chair really well, but the flip side which is the fabric can flake in the fourth year and in the eight year, it can disintegrate altogether.

Good Bad

Adjustable intensity

Good massage quality

Easy to move and install

Not recommended for user with more than 5’10” in height

Built rather close to the ground

Limited features

The fabric disintegrates in several years




For those who have a plan to buy this massage chair, those are who don’t expect any technology. It is only a classic chair with some limited features in reasonable price. It can last long with its quality. But, be sure you are recommended to use if after checking the height. It is only recommended for not-so-tall massage chair user.

  1. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Shiatsu – Comfortable and durable chair with Flip-able pillow

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Osaki OS-4000 comes for those who need total body massage chair that can cover all areas starting from neck to feet. It is designed as ultra-long massage range that good for fatigue and stress. It has 46 multilayered airbags. 10 airbags are for feet, 10 for calves, 2 for hips, 3 in the seat, 2 in the back and shoulder, 3 in the neck and additional air bags throughout the chair for best massage experience.

Massage options and features

You can use this massage chair for six massage types starting from kneading, Swedish, clapping, rolling and Shiatsu to combo.

There is also a manual program that allows you to get combination option, intensity level and the length of the massage. The manual control helps you to adjust the massage settings for upper body and there are 3 options: the full body, partial and fixed.

Some additional features are intelligent massage robot with automatic programs so you can enjoy uninterrupted massage for 20 minutes. There are also five levels of intensity that you can choose to allow you enjoy deep penetrating message or select lower level of gentle and more relaxing massage. There are 18 unique auto programs for some areas such as healthcare, therapy, circulation, relax, smart and demo.

Speaking more about the chair, it is featured with deluxe zero gravity. It will raise your feet above your heart and recline your body that will make you relax during massage and it will relieve any pressure on neck and spine. Once your feet is elevated, it will increase the circulation, easier breathing and better lung expansion.

It is able to perform body scan technology completely to determine your height and the width so you will get a massage based on your body posture.

Great Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage

Great Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Shiatsu massage

About additional features in this massage chair, it has ergonomic S-Track for natural shape of the spine which can be helpful to increase the massage effects with the full contact of the rollers. Besides, it has incorporated heat for the back and the lower lumbar to increase your experience with the massage type based on your option. The heat is soothing for sore and tired muscles. It also has simulated human hand massage that comes with extra soft twin rollers to give optimal penetrating massage.

For the remote control device, it is designed with LCD display panel that will let you to make any changes by pressing a button.

There are some color options available such as brown/black, charcoal/beige and the last is white.

It is best for…

Those who need comfortable massage chair with Zero Gravity, it is all that you need. It is designed to adjust your height so you will get proper massage. The design is also durable and well-construction which is good for those who need serious investment in massage chair.

The massage chair is also featured with a pillow that you can flip over the chair to give more penetrating massage especially around neck and shoulder.

It is not recommended for…

Those who have sensitive legs, it is better to try another option. It is because the massage chair has Smart Program which is quite intensive that may lead some pain in your legs. The cost is also rather expensive, but you will get what you spend for since it comes with many programs and features. However, there are several massage chairs that will give you the same qualities but in lower rate of price.

The massage chair comes in two boxes and it requires some assembly so you cannot directly use it. It is also for full reclining position which is not recommended if you have very little space available.

Good Bad
Very comfortable with Zero Gravity to adjust your height

Well-constructed and durable

Has more penetrating neck and shoulder massage with the flipped pillow over the chair

Smart Program that is quite intensive which can lead some pain in sensitive legs.

Expensive but you get what you pay for with lots of programs and features, but many other options with the same qualities at lower price.

It requires some assembly.

It needs some space since it is for full reclining position.


You wouldn’t be disappointed if you don’t mind to spend many dollars to get this chair. It can serve your whole body and it can be adjusted to concern on certain areas that you have some issues. Based on the customer review, many said that they love its qualities with the zero gravity technology. It is good for those who have to deal with chronic pain including fibromyalgia.

  1. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Shiatsu Chair Massage– Expensive, but remarkable with the long lasting benefits

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Many reports said this brand has some really good reviews from the buyers. This massage chair comes with plenty of programs and features that will support you to have full body massage.

Massage options and programs

It provides 1200 square inches of massage coverage and it means it is the largest massage coverage you can find right now. It is completed with full body scan that is able to detect acupressure points in your body and provided personalized Shiatsu massage based on your needs. Besides the body scan can customize a massage for 106 types of body. The massage chair has 13 motors with extended roller that can work from the base of the skull to the upper glutes. It has 101 air cells to give complete massage for complete relaxation and improved mental clarity.

The use of incorporated 3-D massage technology is like human hands that will deliver professional level of massage experience. The roller gives deeper massage, twist and rotates to reach the areas and you can adjust it down to get more gentle massage at anytime.

Once you press the button, it offers about eight pre-programmed massage sessions to complete you. These are: Morning, Night, Full, Body, Full Body Air, Dream Wave, Quick, Stretch and Youth. It is possible for you to customize your personal massage with 1000 combinations and 18 manual massage types. It helps you to control the duration of the time and the massage type you need such as kneading, Shiatsu, stretching, air, or relaxation.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Shiatsu Chair Massage review

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Shiatsu Chair Massage review

About the full arm massage, it is the special feature which is good for those who are working with their arms and hands so they commonly have some problems like soreness, stress and tension. It has arm massage that will remove this discomfort. It has 20 air cells that knead your arm gently from the upper to the forearms down to the fingertips so all muscle can be relaxed.

You can use the neck and shoulder massage with the adjustable built-in pads that will apply Shiatsu pressure to the top of your shoulders and the air cells will provide firm pressure to the back of your shoulder.

Perhaps you are walking or standing all day and there is no nothing better than having this massage chair for feet and leg massage. It provides deep and comfortable massage to relieve all aches and pains. The fully adjustable foot bed has air cells to offer Shiatsu form of massage for your calves, insteps, heels and soles.

Why it is different from other massage chairs is that the model allows you to set to program to support younger clients. It supports users from 14 years and up so it will lessen the intensity to get healing attribute. It is nice for teenager who love sports and need relaxation for the sore muscles.

Who can use this massage chair

You can adjust it to various sizes and it can accommodate people who are between 5’ and 6’5”. They don’t have any specific details for the weight limit. What they said is if you can fit, you can sit.

Design and materials

It is a specific chair that is constructed from synthetic leather and it is easy to clean. You can choose other models with genuine leather but it is only available in black. The synthetic leather is designed in four colors such as black, cream, red and dark brown. Moreover, you will get easy to operate remote control so you can have complete control of the chair whether you want to present the program, or design your own. When it is not in use, you can snuggle it into convenient side pocket. It is an adjustable massage chair and reclines to 120 even to 160-degree angle. The foot rest is adjustable to 90-degree angle.

It is good for…

Those who love a massage chair with easy to use remote control and those who need a chair that can be used to give massage for teens or younger user.

It is good for those who love a massage chair with several pre-programmed options. It is different from other brands since it has broadest coverage of full body massage. Although it comes in two separate boxes, it is still easy to assemble.

 It is not recommended for…

The price is quite expensive since it has many features and options for its quality. Those who think that price is something that cannot be replaced by health and well-being, this massage chair not recommended.

Good Bad
Easy to operate remote control

Support younger user

Several pre-programmed massages available

Broadest coverage of full body massage

Easy to assemble

It is expensive but many features and options for this quality chair.



In conclusion, although it is an expensive massage chair, it is still remarkable. The long lasting benefit is what you will get through this full body massage chair recliner.

  1. Fujita KN9005 Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Good for muscle strains and discomforts in hip

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We can say that it is a premium massage chair at higher end market. It comes with 3D massage technology and some unique features to give you more personal massage experience. It is expensive, but it is magnificent for your money.

When it is delivered, it is important to make sure that you have help available because it is quite large. It is highly recommended for tall people compared to other massage chairs. Likely, NBA stars will miss out the foot massage feature. In sort, it is good for relaxation and offer pain relief.

Speaking about Fujita, it is one of the popular brands in the industry with the experience for more than 45 years and their professional R+D team. The company was created natural formula for the chairs to give healthy posture, improve blood circulation and stress relief.


The Fujita Kn9005 comes with some specifications that you must know before purchase. It is only recommended for those who have height about 5’ to 6’. The user should have weight about 240 lbs maximum. The weight of the product is 287 lbs and the power consumption to take is 200W. It has 95 to 170 degrees. It is available in black and olive gray.

Popular shiatsu massageFujita KN9005 Zero Gravity Massage Chair review

Popular shiatsu massageFujita KN9005 Zero Gravity Massage Chair review

Main features

It comes with new 3D roller mechanism that provides deeper and more comprehensive massage. There are six unique auto program course you can use such as Neck Relax, Loop Knead, Kiwami Knead, Shoulder Tapping, Kiwami Hip Massage and the last is Kiwami Tapping.

The presence of Zero gravity massage supports you to release tension in spinal area and to give deeper massage. Besides, it is designed with human-like Shiatsu massage to provide more effective experience.

It is good for those who want to relieve fatigue and muscle stiffness and to give you easy control or navigation, you can use the TFT-LCD remote control. You can adjust the intensity since it comes with six massage intensities from normal to super intense. Its multiple airbags and roller heads provides pain-free massage. The superior neck and back massage is also customizable. To give you full body stretching concerning on the spine, leg and neck muscles, it is designed with New Thai Massage feature.

It is best for…

Those who need accurate and efficient massage chair, it can be the best option for you. It is completed with full 3D body scan so it will determine your body type and the spine length. It can pinpoint the areas that need to massage and to avoid. The 3D Point Navigation system is also helpful since it can map out the unique contours and the curves of user’s back. Therefore, its performance is like one of the most human-like massages.

Those who have a problem with other massage chairs since they miss your legs and feet, this massage chair is all that you need. It doesn’t work like that because it provides foot length detection as well as leg and foot stretch massage to relax your calves, feet and legs. Even very tall people will be slightly short-changed with this feature.

Those who are tired of up and down rollers around their back; it can be a nice solution. The 3D Massage Rollers in this chair can work up and down, swerve back and forth or, left and right to give more accurate massage. It provides tapping and kneading massage for deeper muscles to reach.

Those who need something fancy with the wireless remote control for its advanced technology. The pre-programmed buttons give easy control with the navigational up and down button so you can target specific areas especially on your back.

Thos who need a massage chair that can mimic traditional Thai massage; it is good investment to target your head, shoulders, hands and wrists. It can stretch the muscles around the pelvic area, neck and shoulder blades. The chair has several airbags and massage rollers to give realistic massage experience. It works best since it is able to stretch, press, retract and knotting as well as locking motions to deal with targeted body pains.

Those who need more than spinal relief, the 2-way zero gravity positioning in this chair is the main highlight. It elevates your legs above the level of your heart so it reduces spinal stress but allow the massage rollers to provide deeper massage on your back.

Fujita KN9005 Zero Gravity Massage Chair full review

Fujita KN9005 Zero Gravity Massage Chair full review

It is not recommended for…

Those who don’t care about the features and quality, but more concern on the large and heavy design of this chair, it is not a recommended option to go with. Its weight is 287 lbs and it can be difficult for you to move it around your house especially if you move it alone without any help. If you bought it recently, it is a nice idea if you directly assemble the chair on the fixed place so you don’t have to move it through doors and drag it around.

Those who need leg extension stretch for tall men, it is not recommended to go with this product. It is true that it is designed to fit tall men but it doesn’t deliver the same comfort for its lower extremities. For the tall men, they may not get a complete experience with the leg extension stretch of this chair.

Good Bad
Full 3D body scan

3D Point Navigation system available

Foot length detection and massage

Up and down, back and forth, left and right 3D massage rollers

Wireless remote control

Full body massage

Two-way zero gravity positioning

Large and heavy

Leg extension stretch doesn’t support tall men



It provides a lot of benefits to its customers especially for those who have to deal with muscle strains and hip issues. It has various massage capabilities to cover almost all parts of your body. It has human-like massage feature that will give you a complete relaxation. It is expensive but it has top quality that can be your long-term investment.

  1. AcuTouch HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Stylish and comfortable with multiple features in reasonable price

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It is a professional quality massage chair with best features to provide deep massage. This massage chair is good for those who have injury that forces you to get extra care for your muscles, a condition where you need stretching and massaging or perhaps you need relax and distress after your busy work. It is presented by Human Touch as one of the best brands on the market with the high quality massage chairs that are perfect for home and commercial market.

Massage options and programs

It comes with the art zero gravity positioning. It is good massage chair that will support the user in a position to provide weightless sensation. This provides best possible massage and their own patented zero gravity system will provide deep and relaxing massage for the users on the back, shoulders, legs and arms.

It also comes with six realistic massage motions for real massage such as kneading, rolling, compression, percussion, chopping and flapping. It has additional massage in the seat of the massage chair to give deep massage to the hamstrings and gluteus.

The lumbar heating function performs heat to lower back once you press a button. Many advantages you will get with this feature. It can provide heat to the lower back for healing and soothing.

In addition, it is designed with eight different programs you can choose based on your needs. It provides nice range of options you can compare with other massage chair in similar price. These programs are easy to select and each of them will last in 15 minutes. These are full body massage, therapy for legs, programs on hips and feet, stretch, neck and shoulder relief massage and the last is sports back therapy.

When you wake up, there is a morning mode the massage chair will offer to you. But, if you want to sleep on it, you can choose shooting and relaxing massage with the nighttime massage feature.

AcuTouch HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair review

AcuTouch HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair review


It is quite different from other massage chairs you can find on the market because this HT 7450 model comes with stylish and like an office chair that you can add to your corner space. It is not big and clunky. It has massaging air cushions that will work together for effective and discreet massage.

It is best for…

Those who look for a massage chair with zero gravity positioning for best possible massage.

Those who need best massage that can be different from others with the patented technology in this chair.

Those who love six massage techniques for real massage.

Those who want heating feature to give healing and soothing heat to lumbar area.

Those who think the eight easy to select programs with 15 each in this massage chair is good to give different effect.

Those who have big concern on feet and calves massager, this is the ideal option.

AcuTouch HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair review black leather full review

AcuTouch HT-7450 Zero Gravity Massage Chair review black leather full review

It is not recommended for…

Those who think that the fewer settings in this massage chair than other some more expensive models don’t work to cover all aspects they expect from a massage chair.

Good Bad
Zero gravity positioning

Human Touch patented technology

6 human like massage techniques

Heating feature

8 programs for 15 minutes each

Unique feet and calves massager

Fewer settings compared to some more expensive models


It provides you a style and comfort as a massage chair with reasonable price tag. It shows multiple features including zero gravity positioning, lumbar heat and others to give you best possible massage. It has patented technology. It is a unique massage chair with top quality and features.

So, we have listed 10 massage chairs above and we are sure, some of you are confused about finding the best. Don’t let yourself down. Here, we have a guide for you to go so you are purchasing the right one as your long investment.

How To Choose The Right Best Massage Chair In The World

  1. Find the purpose

The reason about why you need to purchase a massage chair is important. Ask yourself whether you need it to make you relax because you have to deal with busy work or it is the part of your injury recovery or to impress your friend.

Once you know the reason, you can be easier to decide the right option for you. Take the features first, and the design is the second matter.

  1. Set the price

Consider about the price because this robotic chairs can be an expensive investment. It is possible for you to find affordable option without sacrificing the quality. It doesn’t mean that the cheaper options don’t give you any excellent technology. Take advantage of discounts and deals can be the first way to start especially if you purchase during Christmas or Black Friday.

  1. Choose the brand

Several brands are available such as Inada, Osaki, Panasonic, Human Touch iJoy and more. Choosing a reputable brand is good because they can offer high quality products. They also have better customer service especially if you have to deal with the warranty process in the future.

  1. Consider the model date

It is important to choose the latest model because it provides more technology and latest design. Browse in online sites that can provide you any information about the products by the date. It doesn’t mean that you only purchase new releases products.

  1. Focus on features

Most massage chairs come with great features and functions. But, really you only need a few in the reality. Be sure that the massage chair you want to purchase can complete you with the features. Never purchase an expensive massage chair with a lot of features if you only need 2 features from it.

Besides, be sure that the features support your need. For example, if you need it because you are doing some sports and you have very active lifestyle, be sure that the product you choose provides reliable foot and arm massager.

Some important features you should check are massage coverage from foot to neck, massage styles, techniques and programs whether it can be customized or not, acupoint detection system, materials and design, heat and vibration, recliner, zero gravity, cup holder, music, remote control and memory foam.

  1. Check the customer reviews and ratings

Read real reviews about the products, find the feedbacks and complaints. High-rated items are the most recommended option.

  1. Size and weight

It will take a lot of space in your home and some perhaps heavy to move around. Therefore, check the dimension, weight, users’ weight that it can support and the users’ height.

Hope this can be helpful!

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