10 Best Smart Home Door Lock Systems In 2017

Smart home door lock is undeniably important. It is the most important part for a smart home. It is also more than just to allow you come and go as you want but it is able to monitor the person who enters and leaves your home when you are not there. Some models allow you to use your phone to close and open the door. Some also allow you to set it so it allows friends, family member as well as maintenance staff. Others allow you to active through voice commands from other smart home devices and services. But when it is all about best smart home door lock, be sure that you have some concerns to consider.

10 Best Smart Home Door Lock Systems In 2017 (1)

10 Best Smart Home Door Lock Systems In 2017 (1)

  1. Think about the price

It is important to consider about the price to upgrade your old lock. A smart lock can burden you a lot more compared to standard lock when it comes to the price. It is possible for you to find smart locks under 100 dollars, but if you want a lock that is great to control from anywhere with important features such as email notifications, tamper alarms and voice commands, you may have to spend about 200 to 300 dollars.

  1. Consider the installation

We don’t say that locks are difficult to install, but some are available with easier installation than others which mean it should be your option. You have to remove your old lock including the strike plate and the deadbolt mechanism if your new lock provides you interior escutcheon (the housing so you can mount it inside the door) and the exterior component such as keyed cylinder or a touch pad. If you don’t do that, it is impossible to start the installation. Simply, remove the two bolts attached to the interior escutcheon to exterior component and remove the pieces. Use two screws to hold the deadbolt in place.

Fortunately, most smart locks come with standard pre-drilled holes that will let you to not drill new ones. In addition, many smart locks are attachable to the inside of your door so that you can use the existing keyed cylinder and deadbolt hardware. In another word, you only have to remove the interior escutcheon. It only takes about 10-25 minutes to remove the old lock and then install the new smart lock.

  1. Know the features

Each lock may have different features. We can find many smart locks with a mobile app that will support you to lock and then unlock the doors with an icon tap. Others may offer a web app so you can control all things from your laptop PC or mobile desktop. The most apps are designed to add permanent and temporary users as well as setting schedule for certain days and times.

In case that you are choosing lock with Bluetooth system, it needs about 40 feet of range so you can do the communication. The locks with Built-in Wi-Fi circuitry or Wi-Fi bridge allows you to control from everywhere if they are well-connected to the home router. Therefore, it is very important to make sure your choice comes with activity logs to allow you go back in time to know those who have entered or exited from your home.

Some newest options come with more interesting features such as geofencing, voice activation, auto-locking features and others. The voice activation, locking and unlocking doors are very easy because you only tell your phone to unlock the front and the lock will disengage. If you use geofencing, it means you can lock it up before you left the house. To start, you have to use the mobile app so it will set up a perimeter around your house and then you can use the phone’s location service for exact location. Once you leave the perimeter, it will engage automatically behind you. The auto-lock feature can be used to engage the lock automatically after it has been unlocked in a specific time.

The keyless touchpads are also good in case that you don’t have your phone as well as your keys. Tamper and forced entry alarms will give you an alert about possible break-in while push, text and email notifications support you to know about who is coming and going based on the real-time.

  1. Know the integration

Speaking about locks, some of them are integrated to other connected home devices including Nest Protect smoke alarm and services such as Apple’s Homekit. It means you can have your door automatically unlock when the smoke or CO alarm is triggered. Or, it is possible when the door unlocked and your smart lights turn on.

It really depends on the home automation setup you have. You can pair your lock even with all connected doorbell cam such as the Ring, which allows you to see the person at the door before you unlock it. Or, you can have interior camera that will start recording when the door is unlocked. In the end, the more features you want, the more budget you need to spend.

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  • Hot Smart Lock Systems This Year
  1. August Smart Lock HomeKit (2nd Generation) Enabled

The debut of this smart door lock has been started for more than two years ago and now it is the second generation that comes to be the revolutionary entry for the company to home automation market. This smart door lock comes with iPhone integration to any deadbolt and its design is elegant. It was launched last fall and released in the end of 2016.

It is the second version that is very popular with the same classic design but integrated with Apple’s home automation ecosystem. The new lock is also designed with new Smart Keypad Accessory that will let you to unlock it by using a numeric code.

August Smart Lock HomeKit (2nd Generation) Enabled smart lock for door

August Smart Lock HomeKit (2nd Generation) Enabled smart lock for door

Design and approach – Simpler installation for any door hardware

The smart lock has different approach compared to other smart locks such as Kwiset’s Kevo and Schlage’s Sense. It doesn’t come with full lockset as well as actual deadbolt and key cylinder, but it only requires you to use your existing components of the locking hardware. Its focus is on the electronics and mechanics to turn the lock mechanism. This smart lock only replaces thumb latch used to lock and unlock the deadbolt. This can be helpful so that it has simpler installation process for any door hardware that is already in its place or anything that you want to use for your style and taste. The approach is really sensible, even if this smart lock is still a newcomer in this business.

Replacing a deadbolt is not difficult at all, but the smart lock comes to make you easier since you don’t have to remove anything inside the plate of the lock.

The package – Main Locking Unit, Single Universal Mounting Plate and 3 Adapters

The package contains things as we mentioned above and they fit to most different deadbolt tailpiece designs. It is also completed with an adhesive strip that will help you to hold the front deadbolt keyhole piece in its place while working for the back of the lock. For the universal mounting plate, it comes as a nice redesign from the first generation with three different plates to support different deadbolt designs.

The installation  and Configuration– Straightforward installation, too many steps for configuration

The installation will not take your time. Most designs are only need two screws in order to switch the thumb knob for the mounting bracket, select the adapter that matches to the tailpipes, slide the August Smart Lock to lock it in its place and it only takes about two minutes to install.

You have to remove the plastic strip to activate the lock. Once it is installed and activated, it requires you firing up the August Home app on your iPhone and the setting may take the process for account setting and pairing for the HomeKit. It also means that you have to enter and verify your SMS phone number and email address. The process may take few more steps but for some people it can be quite long.

Connectivity – Bluetooth, HomeKit code and Siri Command

Just like other locks, the August Smart Lock works with Bluetooth and powered by four AA batteries. These come pre-installed along with HomeKit code located under the coverplate on the front. Once it is configured, you can use it with standard Siri commands to lock, unlock and check the status of the door. Just like the SChlage Sense and other HomeKit lock, you hae to issue the commands with more layer of authentication for security reasons. For an iPhone that is already unlocked, Siri request is authenticated with Touch ID, and Apple Watch with Wrist Detection. It also can be managed with third-party HomeKit apps so it can be useful if you want to lock your door and you say “Good Night” to Siri, even in scheduled, event or location-based. You cannot use this August Smart Lock in case that you want to initiate an event, but you can lock or unlock it as long as it is triggered by location or other events of HomeKit.

Why It Is Good – Read To Know More Unique Tricks

Beyond the HomeKit, August come with more unique tricks. It allows extra iPhone and Android users to get full or limited access to your home. This can be done by sending the virtual keys to the devices. The virtual keys are important so it will let them to install the August Home app on their devices and get the full activity log that will provide the ability to track even if when the lock is still locked or unlocked and by other person. The virtual keys are possible to be designed as “Owner” or “Guest” keys but with latter limited access to only lock and unlock the door. It is possible for you to set the Guest keys so it will limit them to set weekly or daily or even temporary schedule that will be active in specific time frame right after that, it will expire. For the virtual key concept, it will be similar to the Kwiset approach with the Kevo. It is important to note that August gives unlimited virtual keys, FREELY.

It is also a unique smart lock that is able to lock and unlock when you leave or arrive at home. it can be leveraged through HomeKit scene but its approach is preferable with the combination of Bluetooth proximity detection and geofencing. As a result, a HomeKit scene may ulock your door when you are still few blocks from your home but the August app works with geofencing that will work the process when you are close to home, but it wouldn’t actually unlock the door until you are about few meters of it. This feature works best after being tested. It is also designed with a standard iOS notification with autolock or auto-unlock even. On the contrary, the HomeKit framework doesn’t come with any notifications especially for the Bluetooth-based door locks.


We cannot state about how its quality of improvement through this small smart lock but it is true that the lock completely removes the need to deal with the keys. You can have a free hand to type in the keypad code and or raise the Apple Watch to unlock the door to issue a “Hey Siri” Command. It is also built with similar approach as the Kevo’s touch-sensitive approach, but you still have to wait few seconds so it will unlock automatically. The auto-unlock has the door unlocked once you reach it.

smart auto lock and auto unlock

smart auto lock and auto unlock

The App

The August Home iPhone app also included with an Apple Watch app to provide the ability to lock and unlock the door especially from your wrist, get the access to the activity log, with a glance view and the WathOS app itself. It is also important to note that you will need Bluetooth range of August Smart Lock in case that you want to perform tasks. If you add an Apple TV,you can lock and unlock remotely, but it needs direct Bluetooth connection or internet connection with the optional August connect or if not, you will need August Doorbell Cam to invite new user or to change the settings. It is because those things can be used as Wi-Fi to Bluetooth bridge device.

Keypad Design

There is a backlit numeric keypad on its front to provide entry of four-to-six digit codes as well as one-button locking with its logo button located at the bottom. The package is completed with two AAA batteries in order to power the keypad and it come with all mounting hardware. The keypad has a backlight that can be activated by motion and you can enable the power-saver mode that will disable the backlight to save the battery life.

The keypad setup should be done through August Home app and once it is completed or all current users, there will be five-digit code to access. It allows you to configure new users with the keypad-only access and the new or existing codes can be entered manually. Even you can assign it randomly. Anytime you want to revoke or change the code, it is possible. As it is explained, you will need a direct connection to this lock which can be via Bluetooth or August connect or August Doorbell Cam if you want to ad, modify or revoke codes which is quite different from the Schlage Sense.

It also doesn’t give you remote access if you want to change the entry codes through HomeKit.


august smart lock android smart home door

august smart lock android smart home door

The Issue

The limitation is the lock requires you to use August Home app or HomeKit if you want to lock and unlock the door. It is fine for some people, but it turns to trouble for family members and friends who don’t have iPhone. It is also can be another problem if you want to give the access to contractor, young children and care providers. But, to solve this issue, August expanded the Smart Lock’s capabilities by offering the new optional Smart Keypad accessory that will let you to setup PIN-based unlocking which means you need to spend more. The Smart Keypad works with Smart Lock wirelessly that will let you to install it anywhere with the reasonable proximity which can be a good option to your lock especially for those who may still have a concern on a more discrete look.

Good Bad
Easy to install

Voice activation


Sleek design


Need additional component to control the lock remotely


This new HomeKit-enabled Smart lock is a good addition to HomeKit family and it provides great option or users who love to get the benefits of smart lock, but they don’t want to replace the existing lock hardware or the style offered by other product brands. It offers you more flexibility in selecting the front lockset that will meet your need. It is also has some capabilities such as proximity-based unlocking as well as unlimited virtual keys.

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  1. Schlage Sense – Use your iPhone to lock and unlock doors, program access codes, access schedules

It is a Bluetooth-enabled touch-screen lock that will support you to control the device with your iOS. It comes with big illuminated keypad, single cylinder deadbolt lock in slick design, built-in tamper alarm as well as battery alert. It is possible for you to program it manually. Another option is by using user-friendly app so you can add users and access codes as well as set schedules. It only supports iPhones, iPads, and iPods but the cost will be more than a non-connected touch-screen lock. It is important to note that it is the first device that will let you to lock and unlock through Siri voice commands. It can be the option if you don’t like the August.

Schlage Sense smart door system

Schlage Sense smart door system

Design, App and Features –Siri Voice Command

It is available in two different styles; the classic Camelot style and the modern century style. Here, we wrote about the modern Century style that is identical to Schlage’s Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock. It comes with the same satin nickel finish with the same size and the same keyed cylinder. The smaller size comes with silver instead of black. The Century variant comes with matte black finish while the Camelot variant has aged bronze or satin nickel.

For the interior escutcheon, it contains a thumb turn lever that will lock and unlock the door manually, with a speaker hole for the alarm and the Schlage button. It goes with the same finish as the outer part with the black top to expose the battery compartment as well as the circuit board.

If you want to use the keypad to unlock the door, press the logo to illuminate the backlit touch screen and the next is enter the access code. If you see a green check, it means you are entering the right code. But, if there is a red X, it means you are entering the wrong code. This device also allows you to add more than 30 access codes by the help of custom schedules by using the keypad. But, it sounds easier to use with the free iOS app.

Speaking about the app, there is nothing fancy. It is very simple to use with the main screen that will display the name of your home as well as the names of all installed locks. The status of locked and unlocked is also displayed with the time stamp about the last activity. If you tap the lock icon, it will lock or unlock the door.

But, if you tap the gear wheel located under the left corner, it will bring you to the Setting page where you can activate the 1-Touch Locking and Auto Lock features. The Auto Lock will be set to lock your door for after 15 to 30 seconds or even after one, two or four minutes.

1-Touch Locking feature will lock the door automatically once you touch any key. It is possible to enable the built-in alarm and it will sound once the forced entry is detected. It also can beep when the door is opened or closed. Other things you can go is enabling the key press beep, renaming, deleting as well as registering the lock. To get information about the serial number, firmware verion or battery level, you can go to the Lock Information page.

To add users, it is very easy. You only have to tap the icon located in the lower right corner of its main screen and then tap the + icon located in the upper right corner. The screen will allow you to enter a name as well as 4-8 digit access codes and the scheduled time for this code. It lets you to choose to give the code all-day access or even grant access only for specific times and days. Once you created the code, you can send it to the intended users through emails or texts. It is possible for you to go back and then edit the days, names and times for all codes.

The main feature in this smart lock is it is able to respond Siri voice commands with the use of Apple’s HomeKit technology. You can say “open the door” so Siri will unlock it. Or, you can tell Siri to lock the door.

Besides, it is able to interact with other HomeKit-enabled devices including Ecobee3 thermostat, Philips Hue Lux lighting system, Nest Cam home surveillance camera and others. It is also important to know that the lock works with Bluetooth technology so you have to be within 40 feet if you want to control it by using your iPhone. But, if you want to control the lock remotely when you are outside of the house, it is important to use Apple TV as the bridge.

Installation and performance

During the test, it was very easy to install the lock, but if you never worked with deadbolt lock before the app, you have to watch the comprehensive installation video which may need more time. The lock comes with User and installation guides, strike, strike reinforcement plates, support plate, a bolt, a backup key, mounting screws, exterior and interior escutcheons.

schlage smart home door lock bluetoot and iphone and androdi

schlage smart home door lock bluetoot and iphone and androdi

To start, you can install it in a door with precut holes and then go with the bolt and the strike. Attach the exterior escutcheon to support plate and work with the data cable through the plate as well as the door holes. Attach it to the interior escutcheon. Secure the interior escutcheon inside of the door and then install the battery pack (four AA batteries). Make sure that the bolt slide to the strike easily and to do this process, it may take about 10 minutes.

Then, you have to download the app and allow it to access your iPhone’s home data and enter the name of your home and press OK. During the test, we received Data Sync error. As a result, we didn’t get our iCloud drive turned on, but when we enabled it, the lock displayed on the device list. We chose the lock and waited the beep and used our phone to scan the QR setup code located on the front of the User guide as well as the back of the lock. The lock was paired to the phone within 10 seconds. You have to enter a Siri nickname as well as 4-digit access code. You may have to wait 10 minute of critical firmware update and it will be rebooted, and completed!

The clock didn’t show any trouble to react to Siri commands as long as your command pronounced clearly. It is better to tell “lock the front door” instead of “close the front door” because Siri can confuse the word “close” to “clothes so it will show you a list of clothing stores near you.

The last, it has responsive and well-lit touch-screen touchpad with the loud tamper alarm. To prevent any accidental alarm triggers, be sure that you adjust the alarm’s sensitivity to the halfway point between Least and Most Sensitive as the best setting.

Good Bad
Easy to install

Nice design

Built-in temper alarm

Siri voice control


Works with iOS device only

Need Apple TV for remote control



August Smart Lock is recommended if you need a lock that supports Android and iOS devices, but it doesn’t offer voice-activated commands. It is yes, easy to install and use geofencing technology to help you locking and unlocking your door based on your location.

But, if you use Schlage Sense, it makes you easy to lock and unlock your door by tapping an icon, or ask Siri to do this. The price is more expensive than the same lock without HomeKit and Bluetooth technology, but it is able to control any things from your iPhone and the lock respond to Voice commands make it expensive. If you have HomeKit devices, go with an Apple TV so you can control it remotely.

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  1. Poly-Control Danalock V2 BT – Attractive and easy-to-install smart lock

In 2014, we were amazed with the Smart lock’s deign and easy installation procedure of its first generation but it was issued with inconsistent performance especially random openings and poor designed apps. Now, it is coming out as the new model with the polished look from the previous model and it is still easy to install. It has nice overhaul around the app with the performance issue in the previous model was fixed. It is much better to buy if you don’t mind about the fact that it doesn’t support voice activation like August Smart Lock Homekit-enabled.

Design and features – Completely remodeled mobile app with Bluetooth support

The design is still the same as the original version with the same anodized aluminum outer casing as well as black translucent plastic cover with a dimple in the middle of the cover as a button so you can lock and unlock the door and it can be used to set up the lock. In addition, there are eight small LEDS located behind the cover that will glow green when the lock is unlocked and red when it is locked. Behind the cover, it is the place of four battery slots as well as three mounting holes to attach the lock to the proper mounting plate.

Danalock Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Lock

Danalock Bluetooth Low Energy Smart Lock

It comes with four lithium batteries, three mounting plates to support various door configurations, mounting screws, four tailpiece adapters, tailpiece and small Allen wrench. The wireless circuitry lets the lock to communicate with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-supported devices. It also runs with Nest ome automation platform as well as Logitech’s Harmony remote at Logitech with the IFTTT channel. It is okay if you want to add Z-Wave and ZigBee support but you have to go with the BTZE model.

So, the physical design is the same as the original and the main highlight is the mobile app. It got completely remodeled and this is the nice part. The previous model was hard to know especially when it was locked or unlocked by looking at its lock button. The newly designed app will send you to a home screen that shows large round circle that will turn to green when it is unlocked and red when it is locked.

If you check the main menu, it has colorful design with various settings as well as user options. At the top, it comes with Refresh keys button that will allow you to go back to the home screen to know the current status of the lock while below it has Guides button that will support installation, mounting as well as app help as well as the video tutorial. You can use the Add lock button if you want to add locks to the account.

The setting button will lead you to a series of screens so you can calibrate the lock, activate the Auto Unlock or Knock to Unlock features, activate TwistAssist feature and activate enter/exit notifications. By activating TwistAssist, the twist of the cylinder will let the internal motor so it will lock and unlock your door. For other settings, it can be important to know the amount of time (seconds and minutes) before it locks an open door and how fast the motor will lock and unlock the lock.

To add users to lock and set the access limit anytime, you can back to the main menu and use Lock Users button. Tap the Log button so it will display a list of the activity for all users. The Smart Home button supports you with a screen that will help you to configure the lock to work with Nest and Logitech Harmony remote devices. You can send virtual keys to tenants at any specific times and dates to register the lock with Airbnb.

It works with Bluetooth so you have to be around 30 feet to control it through your smartphone. If you have smartphone or tablet around, press it to service as Wi-Fi bridge that will support you to connect to the lock anywhere by using free Danabridge app.

smartlock danalock

smartlock danalock

Installation and performance –  10-minute installation

It only takes 10 minutes of installation as the previous model since you only have to replace the interior escutcheon so you leave the outer escutcheon intact. During the test, we taped the outer cylinder to the door and keep it in place and removed the two bolts from the interior thumb to the cylinder. We didn’t have to shorten or replace the existing tailpiece since it had about one inch of clearance on its interior. The case would be different when a shorter clearance required replacing the tailpiece and trimming to get a one inch clearance. We chose proper mounting plate with holes that fitted to the cylinder and then attached. We selected the necessary tailpiece adapter and then inserted in the lock and attached the lock to its mounting plate. Once it was complete, we secure the lock to mounting plate by using Allen wrench and removed the black cover plate as well as the plastic battery guard to power up the lock.

total danalock house control

total danalock house control

We used an iPhone 6 to load the Danalock app, we made the account, tapped the Add Lock and followed the instructions on the screen. We stood in front of the selected door and then selected the lock. We entered the name and the calibration process was started, activated the Auto Unlock and configured the Auto Lock feature. We loaded the Android app on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Based on the test result, the Android app need to be restarted due to frequent freeze up and the connection to the lock was gone. Both Android and iOS apps performed well but with one exception: We could not activate the Knock to Unlock feature on our iPhone. The rest was the lock always locked and unlocked under our command with the log track for each event. We got push notifications when we left and entered our geofence zone then we could invite users to lock and unlock the door. About the Auto Unlock feature, it was always unlocked the door especially when we re-entered the perimeter without any plan to open.

For a Wi-Fi bridge, we used an old iPad to use. We download the Danabridge app and then entered our Danalock username as well as the password. Once it was success, we were instructed to position the iPad in 15 feet of the lock, enter the name of the bridge and select a lock to use. The orange check mark appeared next to the lock’s name which meant it was complete. It took only about a minute to setup.

It works well but with one thing: when you connect it via the bridge, there will be a large round lock icon in half green and half red. Tap the green part so it will unlock the door and tap the red part to lock it. But, it is still like the original model which is hard to verify whether the lock is locked or unlocked at the time. It means you need to go to the log to know the status.

Good Bad
Easy to install

Supports some wireless protocols

Stylish design

Quick app response

No voice control

Knock to unlock feature didn’t work (during the test)

Stiff manual action



We agree that the company could solve all issues in the previous model and presented this conventional smart lock as the second generation without any problems of random openings and sketchy Android performance. However, the lock is still stiff for manual operation and the use of TwistAssist feature is helpful for much easier manual operation than before. It could respond our command quickly with no trouble at all for the Danabridge feature.

The Knock to Unlock feature is expected to be improved, although right now there is Auto Unlock with the impressive performance. If you need a connected lock with plenty features and have nice style, it is a solid option.

But, if you need latest lock technology, it is better to go with Homekit-enabled August Smart Lock with the IFTTT recipes and supports with other HomeKit-compatible smart home devices. You can use it to unlock and lock the door with a voice command.

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  1. Kwiset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock (2nd Gen) – A sleek smart lock with more responsive design and easy to install

A latest connected lock from Kwikset with the few differences compared to the previous model that was launched in 2013. It has more streamlined interior escutcheon and better security features. It is also more responsive than the original version, but with more expensive pricing too. With this version, you have to spend more dollars for the key fob that was included in the previous model. Besides, it offers integration with video doorbells and smart thermostats but it doesn’t come with voice commands just like the August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled.

Kwiset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock (2nd Gen) smartdoor lock and unlock

Kwiset Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock (2nd Gen) smartdoor lock and unlock

Design and features – Bluetooth wireless technology and new advanced SmartKey Security

It works with Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with your iOS and Android device. It needs four AA batteries. There are three finishes available such as satin nickel, polished brass as well as Venetian bronze. The exterior cylinder assembly is included with an interior assembly and cover, interior mounting plate and hardware, two deadbolt assemblies and two keys. The deadbolts are for the notched doors and another without. It also comes with four AA batteries, adapter ring, SmartKey tool to support you to re-key the lock. The original model came out with single key fob, but this one doesn’t come with.

About the outer cylinder assembly, it has identical look to the original model and it will resemble other keyed cylinder once you tap it to lock and unlock your door. It works with LED light ring that will glow in blue, flashes green and beep twice when you unlock and spin blue, flashes in amber and then it will beep once when it is locked. There is a connectivity issue with your key fob or your phone if its light spins blue and then turns off. When it turns to solid red light, it is the sign that the batteries should be replaced. When flashing in red light, it means that the lock is jammed or the system is resetting.

About the interior escutcheon, it shares the same finish as the cylinder with more streamlined design compared to the predecessor. It is constructed from metal, but the original version was from plastic. There is a thumb-turn knob that you can use for manual operation and the removable black window to access the batteries, programming button as well as dip switches. You can configure the dip switches to enable things like the feature to lock the door 30 seconds after unlocked. The Triple Touch feature allows you to lock the door when you are outside without using your smartphone or fob once you tap the cylinder about three times.

It runs with the new Advanced SmartKey Security technology, which will protect against torque attacks, lock bumping and lock picking. It also lets you to re-key the lock to deal with lost or stolen keys. Just like the previous model, there are two eKeys that will transfer between users through email. In case you need more than two, you can buy more eKeys or assign a Guest eKey that is free but can last in 24 hours only.

Since it works with bluetooh, it means that your phone must be about 40 feet or less so you can control the lock. If you purchase a Plus gateway, it will be able to connect to your router. The Kevo Plus lets you to lock and unlock doors as well as manage user accounts anywhere as long as the internet connection is available.

App – Support iOS and Android devices

The first Kevo Lock worked exclusively with the iOS mobile devices and after that, it could support Android devices. Gladly, this version supports both amazingly. It has the same look as the original with the list of installed locks. Tap the three bars located at the top of the page and you will see App Settings, Create, Manage and Information.

The app allows you to activate sounds, change the passcode or even link it to your Nest and specific Honeywell thermostat so it will set the temperature automatically once you left or arrived to your home. It also runs with Ring and SkyBell video doorbells will allow you to access the app from the doorbell’s app. It also supports IFTTT recipe just like the Poly-Control Danalock V2 but it doesn’t come with voice command like the Schlage Sense and August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled.

You can send an eKey, set up a lock, purchase and then set up Kevo Plus gateway by using Create menu. Use the Manage Menu if you want to control the lock and then add users. To see each installed lock, you should go to My Locks and eKeys and then tap the lock to access the control page. It shows large gold circle if the lock is engaged, but it shows green if it is disengaged. Tap the circle if you want to lock or unlock the door.

There is a Key icon, History icon, Settings icon and Lock icon at the bottom of the back that will take you back to the control page. Use the Key icon by tapping it if you want to see active eKey holders or to send eKey by using your phone contacts or by entering email address. You can select anytime key, scheduled key, or guest key.

When you tap history icon, it will lead you to a log of openings and closings together with record of eKeys that have been sent or deleted. Choosing the Setting icon means you want to edit the lock name, delete a lock or update the firmware.

Installation and performance – easy to install

Well, it is very easy to install. To start, download the app and create an account. Select Pair A Device once you have installed the lock, or view the Interactive Installation Guide with animation and detailed instruction to support you so you can uninstall the old lock and then install this new lock. It is also optional for you to download the written instructions.

After that, you can remove the interior and exterior components of the old lock including the deadbolt assembly. Replace the deadbolt assembly with the notched assembly in the box and then install the cylinder. Attach it to the mounting plate and attach the cylinder cable to its interior assembly. The cable is bulky so you have to tuck it into a recess in its interior assembly so you can secure it to the mounting place.

Next, perform the Door Handling procedure to help you the lock orientation of the door. You can press and hold the program button but at the same time is installing the battery pack. Then, select Pair A Device, press the program button and touch the back of your iPhone to the interior assembly. Shortly, two devices will be paired and you will be asked to name the lock. You can attach the interior cover and finish! it only takes about 15 minutes to install.

It is more responsive compared to the previous model which can lock and unlock shortly when touched without any slight delay. The log was updated with all openings and closings immediately and the eKey schedules worked best. When we linked it to Ring doorbell it showed up in the Ring+ menu so you can access the Kevo app with the Ring app’s live video. The Triple Touch and Auto Lock features worked flawlessly.

Good Bad
Easy to install

Responsive and sleek design

Integrated to third party devices


Need extra cost for remote management

No voice control

Need extra cost for Fobs and additional eKeys



This second generation is not too different from the previous model, but it has improved security, more durable, thinner interior and more responsive performance during the test. It is also easy to install and it is very simple to send as well as manage the eKeys but you have to spend more dollars. It is not a cheap lock but not more expensive than August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled. It is because August comes with voice commands and it allows you to add many users as you want without spending extra budget.

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  1. Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (BE469NX CEN619) – Stylish Lock with Z-Wave wireless in both keyed and keyless entry

It is a smart lock solution for your business and home security and it gives you something more than just four batteries provided by other locks. Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt lock in this model comes as a sleek and single bolt electronic lock which is designed with touch-screen keypad that will allow you to open and close the door with its keyless feature. It also has keyed cylinder for its backup. The tamper is very loud and the forced entry alarm is provided with the built-in Z-Wave wireless capability. However, it doesn’t have its own app which means that you can control it remotely if you pair it with Z-Wave home automation network. Well, it is not a cheap option but it is the part of smart locks in our options. The locking mechanism is even louder compared to any locks in this review.

Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (BE469NX CEN619) smartdoor lock

Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (BE469NX CEN619) smartdoor lock

Design and features – Sharp and straight with contemporary style

It has straight lines with the sharp corners to give sleek and contemporary style for any doorway. The lock has various finishes such as bright chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel as well as aged bronze. The exterior escutcheon comes with touch screen and keyed cylinder. The touch-screen panel is resistive with the slightly textured matte coating that can resist fingerprint smudge. This is helpful to keep its sharp look, but the most important is to prevent any burglars who can steal your access code.

It will keep its dark look, until you press the logo located at the top and the lock will beep and the number pad has large digits in blue glow. If you correctly entered your code and the lock is engaged, the sign is a green check mark at the lower left corner and it will light up but the red X light up will show if you enter wrong code and if the bolt cannot extend because some issues such as the door is not closed.

For the interior escutcheon, it is featured with 0.6 inch of thumb-turn lever as well as the alarm button and the matte black battery cover, removable. It requires four AA batteries which will be not included in the box. When someone is doing something with the lock, the 90 dB will beep. For the Century, it comes with three alarm modes; Active means two short beeps once the lock is engaged, Tamper means has sense significant force with the locked door and the 90 dB alarm will sound for 15 seconds and the last is Forced Entry with the significant force performance in the locked door and it will sound 90 db alarm in three minutes but allow you to change the alarm mode at anytime as well as the sensitivity level through pressing and holding the interior button. The indication is from the flashes pattern for its alarm type and sensitivity level.

feature Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (BE469NX CEN619)

feature Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (BE469NX CEN619)

It is completed with a predetermined master code as well as two printed user access codes. To create and delete user codes, enable the vacation mode such as disabling all user codes and activate or inactivate the speaker, you have to master the code which is about more than 30 unique codes available. With the use of the master code, it supports you to use the Lock and Leave feature that will lock the door behind you right after you press the button and the Auto-Lock feature let you lock the door behind you in just 30 seconds.

The lock is featured with built-in Z-Wave radio that will support you to control it from your PC or smartphone but you need a compatible home automation setup such as Staples Connect Hub or Nexia Intelligence System to control it remotely.

Installation and performance – Work like a charm

It comes with user guides, bolt, strike, strike reinforcement plate, support plate, mounting screws and the last is the backup key. You can install it in a door with the precut holes and the installation can be done in just ten minutes. Right after installing the bolt and strike, attach the exterior escutcheon on the support plate and work the data cable through its plate as well as the door holes. It was quite tricky to attach the cable because it is too short especially for people with big hands. Support the plate by attaching the interior escutcheon and install the battery. Make sure that the bolt slid to the strike easily.

The lock has smooth performance and you can program several user codes that will work like a charm. You can activate the Forced Entry alarm with its flawless performance but it can be too sensitive. The alarm can sound if your dog bumped up against your door or when there is someone knocked your door. Therefore, you have to change the alarm sensitivity which is quite easy to do. It has five settings and set it to number four as the reasonable sensitivity so it doesn’t setting off the alarm unexpectedly. It will sound if you are entering incorrect codes.

You can pair it to a Staples Connect hub so you can check the lock’s status whether the lock is engaged or disengaged. But, it is not compatible to scheduling and trigger events just like the SmartThingsHub. If you pair it to Nexia Home Intelligence Bridge, it will provide you full control to the lock. You can enable the vacation mode, create recurring as well as one-time scheduled odes for every day, activate the alarms and inactivate the Auto-Lock feature. This app also helps you to create scenarios about the lights and thermostats when the door is unlocked or when a motion sensor is detected.

Good Bad
Keyed and keyless entry

Audible tamper alarm

Easy to install and program


Needs third party controllers with remote Z-wave access.

A bit noisy


This deadbolt lock is best smart lock system with the great security features in stylish design. Its highlight is the Tamper and the Forced Entry alarms. It is difficult for anyone to access your home with the use of lock’s smudge-resistant touch screen.

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  1. Yale Real Living Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (YRD 240) – Sleek Looking door lock with easy to use features

It is a touchscreen deadbolt lock that will stop all your worries about losing your home keys. It is because the lock has no keys. It has beautiful design with the expensive price because this smart door lock has capacitive touch screen that will allow you to lock and unlock your door. You can configure it with Z-Wave or ZigBee wireless module as the part of your home automation network. The installation is very easy with the painless programming with the help of clear and voice-guided instructions.

One thing that we expect to is the dedicated app that should control the lock remotely. It only happens if you pair it with the Z-Wave or ZigBee home automation controller.

Yale Real Living Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (YRD 240) smarlock door

Yale Real Living Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (YRD 240) smarlock door

Design and Performance – Available in three stylish finishes

It comes in three finishes; polished brass, satin nickel and the last is oil-rubbed bronze. The exterior escutcheon has 2 by 3-inch of glossy touch screen panel located on the front and the right side is completed with a small speaker. The touch screen is dark until you push the panel that will sound a tone and it will light up. You have to enter a code in five seconds, or if not the voice will announce that your time is expired so the panel will go dark. The casing has positive and negative jumper terminals at the bottom. Once the internal batteries die, it allows you to touch 9-volt battery to its terminals to give enough power so you can enter the access codes. You don’t have to use the jumper option because the lock comes with low battery warning that will flash in red which means that you have to replace the battery.

For the interior escutcheon, it has thumb-turn lever that will provide another half-in to the depth. You can reveal the network module slot as well as the compartment for the four AA batteries when you slide up the black plastic shroud. The lock is featured with an LED indicator that will glow once it is activated below the battery housing. You can use the thumb-turn lever to open and close the lock manually. The privacy mode is located at the bottom of the housing. It can disable the external touch screen once you press and hold it for four beeps.

It only works with standard lock cutouts but it you have an uncut door; the company provides a template so you will get the proper cuts. The lock also has a strike plate and locking bolt, four AA batteries, mounting hardware, installation as well as programming instruction and the last is the quick start guide. The installation can be done in just 10 seconds.

To start the installation, you have to install the bolt in the edge of the door. Then, focus on the door frame where you should attach the strike plate. The exterior escutcheon should be pressed up against the outer part of the door while the interior mounting plate should be inside. Make sure that you feed the data cable through the holes of the door and the plate. To secure the plate to outside escutcheon, you can use the supplied screws. The cable should be attached to the interior escutcheon and then tuck it away so it wouldn’t get pinched once you secure the escutcheon to its mounting plate. The interior escutcheon should be properly attached and you can install the Z-Wave or ZigBee module which is optional. Next, put the batteries in the compartment and reattach the cover. Now, you are ready to program the lock.

feature and technology Yale Real Living Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (YRD 240)

feature and technology Yale Real Living Z-Wave Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock (YRD 240)

Programming and performance – easy programming with voice guidance

The programming in this lock is quite easy and it is an innovative idea with the voice guidance as the programming guide for beginner. Be sure that you have entered the master PIN code that is used for all programming and enabling or disabling features before you can do anything to this smart lock. The voice will prompt you to some instructions if you want to program the lock such as selecting a number, press star to complete and others. It is able to tell you about the programming field that you are currently in such as the Network Settings, Volume or Advanced Lock Settings and more.

It allows you to create and delete more than 25 user PINs, even 250 with the use of network module. The Automatic Re-lock feature can re-engage the lock once it is open and it will be active in 10 to 240 seconds. You can relock the door by touching anywhere on its touch screen instead of using the PIN code with the use of One-Touch Locking option. There are three voice languages available that are English, French and Spanish. It lets you to set the voice volume level and activate or inactivate the interior indicator light. Use the All Code Lockout option to disable all access codes exclude the master PIN code. Once the feature is enabled, it will show a red lock icon on its upper side of the touch screen.

It has flawless performance with the touch screen that will tell you all about your programming commands. There was no issue about the engagement and disengagement to the lock. It also has privacy mode button as advertised which makes you easily to shut down the touch screen without enabling All Code Lockout mode.

During the test, we paired it with Staples Connect hub and it was recognized easily. There was no trouble locking and unlocking the door with the help of our smartphone through the hub. To interact the lock with other connected devices, it requires Mi Casa Verde Vera system that will allow you to create scenes to do some things like turn on the lights, unlock the door, disarm your security system through your smartphone and others. If you pair it to other home automation networks such as Control4 system, it allows you to make daily and weekly access schedules as well as to view your history logs at the time the lock has been activated. It also can be integrated to home automation systems from Homeseer, Honeywell and more.

Good Bad
Easy to install

Beautiful design

Voice-guided instructions

No dedicated app




It provides you the stylish way to secure your business or home without using any keys since it can be adjusted through Z-Wave or ZigBee wireless module. You can incorporate it to various home automation networks. The voice-guided operating instructions support quick programming as well as the responsive and well-lit capacitive touch screen. But, it doesn’t come with its own app in order to control it from PC or smartphone, instead you have to provide Z-Wave or ZigBee home automation network in your place so you have to spend more money to have the lock interact with more devices and to create schedules.

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  1. Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock –

For this option, it provides you maximum flexibility and convenience. It is up to you whether you want to use a fingerprint, code, key or even smartphone to unlock. Once you know on the phone, you can open the door or when it is in your pocket. With or without your phone, you can still work with it.

Design and Feature – Solid and resistant with advanced fingerprint identification

The key now is your smartphone. With the use of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Connectivity, you can unlock the door by using the app on your smartphone. It is featured with advanced fingerprint identification which supports 95 fingerprints. It can identify you in just under 0.5 seconds and it works well with all ages. The Anti-peep touchscreen feature supports 95 users with 4-8 digit codes. The anti-peep touch keypad technology will make sure that strangers cannot access your password even by watching you when you are entering the password.

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock

Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Door Lock

Knock to Open feature is a good solution if you want to open the door but doesn’t have the app. Just knock it on your phone and even if it is in your pocket, you can get in. The Hidden Backup Key has 3 mechanical keys as backup. There is a keyhole located on the bottom to give more security to deal with keyhole hackers.

This smart lock is designed with 3 AA batteries for more than 8,000 times of your access. The clutch design is innovative that will make it reliable but it only takes about 50% of less power consumption compared to the old clutches. The smart lock has solid and resistant design with the one-piece Zinc alloy body which is IP65 rated, waterproof and dustproof. It works well for indoor and outdoor installation.

You can reach out your finger to the fingerprint reader or touch keypad and it will activate automatically and it is ready to the operation. The last, it has very intuitive OLED display which will allow you to delete any user on the device.

The App

The keyless entry is the place where you can get a help to unlock your door by using your smartphone. Or, check the users if you want to know who has the access to your lock and how they can access. The app comes with the log record to see who has entered your home and when they entered. The Clone allows you to transfer all users when you install another lock for your business. For the auto relock, privacy lockout and free passage, you can go to the setup locking status.

design and feature Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth

design and feature Ultraloq UL3 BT Bluetooth


It is designed for DIY installation which means that it comes with no wiring. It works with battery and it can be done in just 10 minutes.

Good Bad
Flexible and convenient with fingerprint, code, key or smartphone to unlock

Ideal for indoor and outdoor

Battery operated


Need the admin to open the lock if the batteries died

Only record 2 times of fingerprint

Have to keep track of users


This device is for you if you need keyless access with keypad or fingerprint. It can be used for front doors or for the interior doors. If you want to control your house through the cell phone, there are some other devices you have to pre-order with the Bluetooth version.

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  1. Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321 Security EZON Keyless – Elegant door lock with unique double-locking system

This is the next smart lock that we want to add to our choice of best smart lock review. The door lock is elegant with the glossy body frame and the design is luxurious. The lock has high security with the use of auto door lock functions that can prevent mischief. It also has unique double-locking system too.

This product is very easy to use and easy to setup. It is possible for you to activate the lock with simple swipe. Or, you can unlock it by entering the code. It also allows you to use unlock tag.

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321 Security EZON Keyless random security code feature

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321 Security EZON Keyless random security code feature

Features – EZONE Keyless Security

This digital door lock has EZON keyless security. The touchscreen lock is built with built-in speaker, built-in alarm, emergency door unlock mechanism and others that will be ideal for its price. The double-locking function is good to enhance the security and the built-in speaker is useful for the lock status. The emergency battery terminal is added as well as warns against unwanted entry, tuchscreen keypad, emergency door unlock and the NFS keychain tags as well as sticker tags. The weight is about 4 pounds and it is battery-operated lock system which is included in the package.

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321 Security EZON Keyless double the security with automatic locking and double lock features

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321 Security EZON Keyless double the security with automatic locking and double lock features

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321 Security EZON Keyless greater safety in an emergency with the samsung digital door locks security assurance features

Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-1321 Security EZON Keyless greater safety in an emergency with the samsung digital door locks security assurance features

Good Bad
High quality and convenient design

Great for many users


Can work with various cards and keys

Close the door automatically behind you with the lock to lock feature

Not waterproof touchpad, for indoor only

No ports for home automation

Can dislodge the bolt and open the door with force because the bolt is outside the door.

The lock doesn’t meet the standard American doors so you have to drill more holes


This product supports you keyless entry since you can open the door with a swipe. It has built-in speaker and fire alarm system to enable warning tones. You can easily know that someone is trying to open the lock forcefully. It is also easy to operate as you can enter the lock code or use the NFC tags to enter and the tags are included in the package. It is only recommended for indoor use. Don’t use this if you want to install it to your entry door because the lock cannot deal with weather conditions since its keypad is not waterproof.

The double-locking function is the best to improve the security. It is a digital keypad door lock that comes with elegant touch screen to give more value to your home.

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  1. Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universal Deadbolt Digital Door Lock – High security features and superior technology

Those who are tired of dealing with traditional locks and door keys, it can be an ideal option. It is designed with high security features and superior technology that is hard to be ignored because Samsung has been spending their time for wonderful job.


It is a sleek and compact door lock that is very easy to install and it looks awesome as a nice addition to your home. The buttons are distinguishable and it is hard to fall to accidental mistake. The exterior and interior parts are completed with sleek and black design.

Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universal Deadbolt Digital Door Lock

Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universal Deadbolt Digital Door Lock

There is an automatic locking mechanism to complete its performance. It can lock the door automatically once you closed the door.  It also has 9V of backup battery for its system so it wouldn’t make you locked outside because of power outage issue. The lock even can be integrated to Samsung Video door phone or home automation to disengage the lock.

You can adjust the volume of the keypad easily to meet your needs. Anytime you want to strengthen the security, you can go with the double authentication mode. This mode will make you have to insert your access code as well as swipe your key tag to access your home. The random security code mechanism is applied for this system to prevent your code being copied.

Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universal Deadbolt Digital Door Lock user friendly access

Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universal Deadbolt Digital Door Lock user friendly access

The specific digital door lock also allows you to program number combinations 4-12 digits. It is also possible to unlock your door by using your RFID card. The lock has durable design that can deal with bad weather.



Sleek design inside and outside

Double authentication mode for more security

A code or RFID card to unlock

Battery backup support


Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universal Deadbolt Digital Door Lock safe your home

Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universal Deadbolt Digital Door Lock safe your home

A little difficult to install


It is a high technology keyless that is timeless. The outstanding style and design makes it perfect for any door and residential. The design is very secure with the built-in security features to increase the security level around your home.

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  1. Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock – Awesome solution if you always forget your keys

Most people easily to forget their home lock keys. If it also happens to you, it can be your solution. It is because the lock will allow you to lock and unlock the door through Bluetooth, see the status of the door whether locked or not through your smartphone anywhere.

To anyone who needs to enter and get access to your home, this smart lock allows you to give out access codes to them. When the codes were used, it will send you alerts including the time logs. It means that you can tell your easily about the kids come to home on time. It has secure screen with the randomized digits you need to use before the code is entered to avoid any thieves copying your finger print patterns.

Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock doorlock and unlock

Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock doorlock and unlock

Best features

It is the best smart lock for front door because it allows you to lock and unlock the door by using smartphone. You can get the notifications once the codes are used. You can check the status of the door whether it is unlocked or locked through your smartphone. It can be integrated to Apple HomeKit and it has voice control Siri command. The optional auto-lock is added as well as the ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 certified. The screen is secure and there is an optional alarm that you can set once the code you have entered is incorrect.

Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock  via smartphone lock and unlock

Kwikset Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock via smartphone lock and unlock

It is good because it can fit most standard doors with the iOS compatibility

Good Bad
Lock and unlock through smartphone

Notifications will be send when the codes are used

Apple HomeKit-enabled

Voice control Siri command

Optional auto-lock

Bluetooth range should be better


It is a good solution for those who need a smart lock that is easy to install, works smoothly with the cool design. But, it is expected to have more improved Bluetooth range.

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Those are all about the 10 best smart home door lock systems based on our choice in 2017.

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