Best Electric Shavers For Very Sensitive Skin – Buying Guide

It is true that you even need smart guide on how to find the perfect electric shaver. You are not playing a gamble. For the best electric shaver, you can get it about 50 and 300 pounds. You are spending your money for that and it is important to make sure that you are 100% happy after purchasing. The options are endless starting from wet to dry, mains or battery, foil or rotary and more.

At this time, we have a good time to tell you about best electric shavers for sensitive skin. We pick two options for this review, a long review.

Best Electric Shavers For Very Sensitive Skin

Best Electric Shavers For Very Sensitive Skin

Product name Battery Wet and dry Trimmer Display Blade type Other feature
Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver 50 minutes Yes Yes LED Foil Cleaning unit, travel pouch
Philips Norelco 9300 Electric Shaver S9311/84 50 minutes Wet shaver. Yes LED Rotary Travel pouch, cleaning dock,

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver Review

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Produced by German electronics and personal product maker, this shaver is one of the popular options at this time. It has elegant noble metal in grey tone with the foil-style design and black charging, cleaning as well as renewing station. A leading market research institute mentioned that it was the number one shaver brand in the worldwide.

Compared to standard shaver, it gives you more money for its costs but you wouldn’t regret to spend that amount of money with its well-designed and well-made cordless electric shaver design. If you can go with proper maintenance, this shaver can last for years. It is a premium shaver with the ultimate experience you will get.

About the features of 790cc, it is the top in the Pulsonic lineup. It has more features compared to 390cc or 590cc. It is also quite different from the 720s line with the clean and renew system. The foil shaver is equipped by sideway movements to the skin.

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver Review

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver Review


As one of the best electric shaver for daily use, you will love how it fits in your hands with the smooth and ergonomic grip. The shaver also has two lengthy section in black rubber located on each side to enable you to grip it more securely for your shaving time. It doesn’t matter that you shave with gels, creams, soap or water because it allows you to hold the shaver quite well.

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver design full review

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver design full review

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver design shaver

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver for men guide buyer

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver for men guide buyer

It can sit above the base so it can pivot and then flex independently. Besides, the lower third of the shaver has a circular button with the blue circle located in the middle. You can also find two power levels: + and – so you can adjust the speed.

What makes it different from the previous version or other models is that it goes with a battery status indicator as well as cleaning indicator at the very bottom of the shaver. Flip the shaver over so you can see the levels. The indicator system is colorful so you can check how much the power left. It also allows you to know when you have to place it in the cleaning station.


It works for those who need a completely waterproof and washable shaver. You can rinse the shaver under the tap between the usages. You can use the cleaning unit if you want to have easy cleaning. The body is fully sealed that even allows you to use it during in the shower. The casing wouldn’t be penetrated by any moisture to ruin the inner mechanics. To get a best shave, it is better for you to shave first in the morning right before taking a shower or washing your face.

There are three different settings that allow you to customize about the shaver to your facial hair. It also works if you have different growth length of beard. You can start from sensitive to normal to intensive. The shaver is also completed with a liner motor.

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver design shaver

Braun Series 7-790 cc Pulsonic Shaver design shaver

It can perform quite well with the fully flexible shaving system so that it can move and adapt any individual facial skin easily. The two Optifoils in the shaver support its performance and these are located on each side of the ActiveLift trimmer to give three rows of cutting foils.

The design is really unique to trim closer to the skin and snip off more hair at the same time. It has contour adapting head to shave over jaw line or down the neck easily. To give final touch of shaving time, let the two Optifoils to work.

In addition, the Pulsonic comes with triple action cutting system. The foil is featured with three different cutting elements for trimming and even for dealing with shortest to longest hair. As a result, it only makes your face smooth and soft. It is constructed with intelligent sonic technology. It will automatically increase the power over denser patches around your beard as you are shaving.

With 10,000 micro vibrations per minute, it captures hair with each stroke starting form short or ingrown hairs. The Activelift technology is the patented middle trimmer to grasp flat lying hairs. It gives you a thorough shave so you don’t have to repeat any movement at the same location again and again.

However, we have to say that the micro vibrations are a bit noisy, but the shaving result is excellent.

LCD display

The LCD display is one of the features to provide that will allow you to know about the battery whether it needs to be recharged or not, how log to recharge and when you have to place it in the unit for a cleaning.

The cleaning, conditioning and charging unit

The Pulsonic shaver is exceptional because it has cleaning, conditioning and charging unit with a simple process. If you just finished having morning shave, you can place the shaver in the unit. Press the button and the unit will clean the shaver and then dry it. Then, the unit will charge it up and you can use it for the next shave.

To us the clean and renew system, it requires cleaning cartridges. It is made of clear plastic with the blue cleaning fluid inside. It has unusual tooth-shaped design and it must be inserted to the cleaning unit. It uses alcohol-based cleaning solution to remove even about 99, 99% of most germs. This will be helpful to minimize any infections and irritation in the near future. The interesting part is the cleaning solution because it has fresh lemon scent. You can use Fast Clean option to make the unit clean it fast in case that you forget to do that before.

With the support of the cleanser, you can remove the stubble hairs that will be an obstacle for its performance. It is also important to refill the cartridge per 3 months so that the cleaning and charging unit works with optimum performance. The cartridges are available in packs of three.


Brain Pulsonic 790cc is a great technology for those who need modern shaver but the price is a bit pricier compared to average shavers. You have to spend more money since it comes with cleaning and charging unit.

So, inside the box, there is the shaver, one Clean and Renew charging system, a cleaning brush, one SmartPlug, a Clean and Renew cartridge and a protective travel pouch.

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Good Bad
Very close shave

Attractive and sleek

Easy to clean

A little bit noisy but not too loud


It is designed for men who have serious concern on shaving. The men who want to look best for shaving. It makes all your things simple with the cleaning and charging unit. Its performance is fantastic with the high quality design, proper performance and a great shaving time for several years.

Philips Norelco 9300 Electric Shaver S9311/84 Review

Inside the box

Buy Button Amazon FikreviewsWe can say that the box of Philips Norelco 9300 Electric Shaver is one of the largest among all shavers. It comes with user manual inside an envelope together with a replacement head order form and club membership card which is basically a card with instruction to start registering your product at their official website.

The user manual is understandable with several illustrations.

For the shaver, you will be thinking that the power is on but it is because the protective plastic wrap covers the LED display. Therefore, you have to peel the plastic off before using the shaver. Other things are travel pouch, trimmer, cleaning dock, cleaning solution cartridge, hard removal tool and the last is power adapter.

Philips Norelco 9300 Electric Shaver S9311 84 Review

Philips Norelco 9300 Electric Shaver S9311 84 Review

The cleaning solution cartridge contains cleaning detergent to clean the shaver. For the head removal tool, it is used to remove the shaving heads from the shaver. It is important to use it when you want to replace the shaving blades. You can use the power adapter to charge the shaver or to power the cleaning dock.

The shaver

Comes out with the modern look, it is constructed from plastic, but with the chrome metal look. It has chrome look with the shiny finish. The use of plastic body is to reduce the weight and to deal with corrosion. It is one of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin with premium look and feel.

The shaver philips norelco s930

The shaver philips norelco s930

The shaver handle (front)

There are three buttons above the display screen at the front of 9300 which are the power button, the plus and minus buttons.

The power button placed in the middle that you can use to turn it on and to activate travel lock mode. For the plus and minus buttons, they are marked with – and + icons. It allows you to adjust the shaving speed.

You can use the power button to activate the travel lock mode. The mode prevents the shaver to turn on accidentally. To activate, just press and hold the power button about 3 seconds. You can get more information about this travel lock mode by reading the user manual.

Since the buttons are a little bit flushed with the body shaver, it is possible that you don’t feel the buttons when your fingers over it. But, it makes you easy to press the buttons. It also has thumb-friendly button size and locations. It will sound a “click” if you press the buttons just like a computer’s mouse.

The shaver (back)

The back of the shaver is not too much impressive. It has grip-friendly rubber material and small ridges to give you a firm grip. It works when you have to handle it with wet and foam covered hands.

At the base of the handle, it has charging socket where you can plug the adapter if you want to charge the batter. It is also a socket that you can use in the cleaning dock so you can charge while cleaning it.

Important: you cannot use it with the power adapter plugged in.

We have to say that it has very comfortable deign on hand because it is not too light or too heavy. Its weight is about 165 grams with the premium look and feel although it is constructed mostly from plastic and lightweight.

Shaving head

The shaving head is the biggest selling factor because this rotary head shaver with three individual shaving heads on the shaving head block. It has a razor blade and a guard for each head. The outer track works to cut longer hair and the inner track will cut short hair, lift and then cut the flat-lying hair especially around your neck.

If there is hair passes the slots in the guard, there is a spinning blades located under each guard to cut them off.

If you want to replace or change the cutting blade, you can hold the shaving head with one hand then pull gently upwards with your other hand. It makes them apart easily. In case that you want to remove the rings, you can twist them in counter-clockwise direction. Remove the individual shaving heads after remove the rings.

Philips Norelco 9300 Electric Shaver S9311 84 guide buyer shaver machine Philips Norelco 9300 Electric Shaver S9311 84 guide buyer

If you don’t want to do that, use the shaving head removal tool. Use the retainer removal tool to remove the retaining rings so you can twist them easily. Don’t panic if you lose your retaining ring removal tool, because you can twist and then remove the rings with your fingers although it is a bit harder to do. After you have removed the retaining rings, you will get the individual shaving heads.

If you want to lock the shaving head in place, do it carefully. It is important to make sure that the retaining rings line up correctly in the right slots and then twist them in place. Otherwise, you can break the tags.

It can be a big problem if you break the tags and the retaining rings because they don’t provide any replacement. They don’t include the retaining rings in the replacement heads you purchase. This is the epic fail that Philips should realize.


With a “SmartClick” action, no buttons to press but with a simple pull, you can let the shaving head unit comes right off and it doesn’t need much effort if you want to remove the shaving head unit from its body. We experienced that the shaving head unit block held quite strong during shaving.

To attach the trimmer with shaver onto the handle, it works with “SmartClick” action. Line it up and then push it into the handle. Once you hear a clicking sound, the trim is already locked to the handle. We can say that it has different trimmer system when you compare it with Panasonic and Braun. It is because the other two sports trimmers are attached to the shaver.


The blade is known as “V-Track Precision Blade” as a new blade design and the angled blades are placed at the optimal position to give a more comfortable shave. Since they sit at a angle and very close to the guard, it is easy for the blade to cut very close to your skin.

Battery life

When you turn it on, it will beep. It is important to charge the battery fully before using it. You can use this shaver in any country because it is completed with multi-voltage charging adapter. It is designed with a quick charge feature just like in pansonic Arc 5 and Braun Series 9 electric shavers so you can charge it for 5 minutes and then shave quickly in 3 minutes.

To charge, you can use cleaning dock or power adapter. If you want to apply first charge, it is better to use power adapter. Plug it in and let it for 1 hour for fully charged.

LED display

The 9300 shaver is different from the 9700 shaver especially for the LED display. The Norelco 9300 has screen to display battery charge status with five bars and each bares means 20% of charge. If the fifth bars are not blinking, it means that it is fully charged. If you go with the Norelco 9700, it has digital battery screen display that tells you in form of percentage.

Good Bad
Smooth and close shave

Comfortable to hold in hand

Adjustable shaving speeds

Quiet shaver

Premium design

Long lasting battery

Easy to clean with and without the cleaning dock

Flimsy blade retaining rings, do carefully

Detachable trimmer (pro/con)


We admit that it is one of the best electric rotary shavers on the market especially for the performance, durability and look. It produces very close and more thorough shave than other shavers.

But, it is important to get used to circular shaving technique. It is better to not expect something smooth at the first shave.

We only have a big problem with the trimmer that is not attached to the shaver and each time you want to use it, you have to manually attach it. It means that you have to remove the head each time that can give more room for possible damage.

How To Find Perfect Electric Shaver

No matter your preference, we will help you here to find the perfect one.

  1. Personal preference

For men, they tend to seek for options that people have good experience with it. It can be from certain brand or style. If you love wet rotary shaver such as Philips AquaTouch and you change to foil based shaver such as Braun Series 7, it doesn’t mean that your option is the best. For most people, they only need excellent results from modern shavers.

  1. Go with brand

On the UK’s market, there are some popular electric shaver brands such as Panasonic, Philips, Braun and Remington. Those brands tend to get positive reviews.

  1. Decide foil or rotary

There are two modern electric shavers style at this time, the foil and the rotary. They have the same function. Foil shaver is designed from thin curved metal foil to cover the cutting blades. Foil shavers are excellent to use in a straight, back-and forth motion over neck and face. Most men love using it because it is one of best electric shaver for very sensitive skin because they are less harsh on the skin. If you have concern on it, you can go with Braun and Panasonic.

About rotary shavers, they come with three round heads with the rotating circular cutters to perform and deal with the shape of your face. Below the heads, it has cutters spin to cut off the hair and the guard will protect the skin from the blade. It is a best option for those who have regular and tough sin types with medium to coarse beard density. If you want to go with rotary shavers, it is good to choose Philips and Remington.

  1. Consider the price

Of course, it is important to know how much you want to spend your money to get the perfect shaver. It is wrong to say that the price is the best indicator to show the quality and performance of shaver. Therefore, you better read the buyer reviews first if you are purchasing online. Go with a product that has high ratings and positive feedback. It is also important to keep in mind that not all shavers are great for everyone. It is about the personal preference. Take your time to read several reviews so you wouldn’t be disappointed.

  1. The power source

When choosing the right shaver for you, you have to consider about the power source of the shaver such as mains, battery or rechargeable. At this time, most are designed with rechargeable system which means you can use it from the mains or cordless. It is recommended to steer clear of battery shavers that are designed for occasional convenience. If you think about a shaver that can do much better job, more cost-effective in several months or years, you should go with rechargeable shaver.

  1. Wet or dry

If you want to shave in last minute meeting, it is better to use good electric razor because it’s highly versatile and it is able to dry shave. Dry electric shaver also allows you to shave at your desk. But, if you don’t mind you can go with the current demand of wet and dry shaver that allows you to shave in the shower or in office.

  1. Skin type

For sensitive skin that prone to razor burn, it is important to choose foil shavers that are designed being less harsh on the skin instead of rotary shavers. It is also important to go with the right shaving technique.

Well, we have to say that it is about personal preference and individual option when it is about electric shaver. In the end of the day, what you need is a close and comfortable shave and razor that you can use for years with the quality products. Be sure that you look after it and use it correctly if you want it durable.

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