Best Laptops In 2017 With High Performance You Can Buy Right Now

Sometime our choice is different. People tend to go with certain brand such as Windows or macOS, but if we have to tell you, here are our favorite options.

When you want to buy a laptop, the first thing that you disturb your mind perhaps not the price because it is not expensive as before, but you have to deal with the options. To save your time and to release your headache, we have all Windows 5 laptops here.

To buy a best laptop, you may have to spend about 500 pounds or more than 2000 pounds to get the top model in the past time and even now. But recently, the Chromeboo appeared with the affordable and portable design to give you sufficient features especially for students and writers. The coming of Chromebooks that is about 200 pounds and lower, forced other laptops to down their price. It is no surprise that right now you can get laptops with the unbelievable price through the sale bargain.

There are also new thin and very light laptops that don’t give you offering value. They are commonly designed with all-metal construction with the appearance as sleek as wafer, so which one you should take?

Here is our favorite list of best laptops you can buy right now:

No. Product CPU Graphics RAM Screen Storage
1.         HP Spectre 13 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-6500U (dual-core, 4MB cache, up to 3.1GHz with Turbo Boost Intel HD Graphics 520 8GB LPDDR3 SDRAM (1,866MHz) 13.3-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 FHD IPS UWVA BrightView Corning Gorilla Glass WLED-backlit display 256GB SSD (PCIe; NVMe; M.2)
2.         Dell XPS 15 2.6GHz Intel Core i7 6700HQ (quad-core, 6MB cache, up to 3.5GHz with Turbo Boost) Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M (with 2GB GDDR5) 16GB Dual Channel DDR4 (2,133MHz; 8GB x 2) 15.6-inch, 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) InfinityEdge touch 512GB PCIe SSD
3.         Dell XPS 13


2.3GHz Intel Core i5-6200U Intel HD Graphics 520 8GB 13.3-inch QHD+ (3,200 x 1,800) 256GB SSD
4.         Asus ZenBook UX303UA


2.7GHz Intel Core i-7 Intel HD Graphics 620 16GB 12.5-inch (1920 x 1080) 512GB SSD
5.         Microsoft Surface Book


2.4GHz Intel Core i5-6300U Intel HD graphics 520; Nvidia GeForce graphics 8GB 13.5-inch, 3,000 x 2,000 PixelSense Display 256GB PCIe3.0 SSD
  1. HP Spectre 13-V011DX 13.3″ FHD IPS Laptop Intel Core i7-6500U 256GB SSD 8GB DDR3L Windows 10 – Black/Copper 

HP Spectre 13-V011DX 13.3 FHD IPS Laptop Intel Core i7-6500U 256GB SSD 8GB DDR3L Windows 10 - Black Copper full review

HP Spectre 13-V011DX 13.3 FHD IPS Laptop Intel Core i7-6500U 256GB SSD 8GB DDR3L Windows 10 – Black Copper full review

Well, it is not another rival of MacBook Air but the remarkable design here is completed with all ultraportable PCs. It works for the iPad pros.

Body design

In the competition, most laptops are using Intel Core i5 and i7 powerhouse chips including this laptop, but it has super svelte aluminum body that makes this laptop only about 1cm thick. You can imagine that its thickness is like the thickness of AAA battery.

body stylish HP Spectre 13-V011DX 13.3 FHD IPS Laptop Intel Core i7-6500U 256GB SSD 8GB DDR3L Windows 10 - Black full review

body stylish HP Spectre 13-V011DX 13.3 FHD IPS Laptop Intel Core i7-6500U 256GB SSD 8GB DDR3L Windows 10 – Black full review

slim HP Spectre 13-V011DX 13.3 FHD IPS Laptop Intel Core i7-6500U 256GB SSD 8GB DDR3L Windows 10 - Black Copper full review

slim HP Spectre 13-V011DX 13.3 FHD IPS Laptop Intel Core i7-6500U 256GB SSD 8GB DDR3L Windows 10 – Black Copper full review

HP Spectre 13 vs Dell XPS 13 & Lenovo Yoga 900

Does it better than the Dell XPS 13 and Lenovo Yoga 900 based on our argument? It is quite possible. Its release date is July, 2016 with the starting price about 1,149 pounds in UK.

Its launch was done at the same time as Apple and Intel claimed about their work to give every component redesigned when they launched the original MacBook Air and HP mentioned that they give us about the all-day 9.5 hour of battery life for its clever design.


The Display

In addition, the Spectre 13.3 improves a full HD (with no QHD option) 13.3-inch of diagonal IPS display wrapped with strong Corning Gorilla Glass, Bang & Olufsen enhanced sound and more than 512 GB of SSD storage to complete the more than 8GB of memory.

The weight is about 1.1 kg which is quite standard for its heaviness when you compare it to the rivals, but it has durable carbon fiber base.

This laptop will immerse you in USB type-C and there are three type-C connectors and the two support Thunderbolt in case you need rapid data transfer and connection to external display.

HP Spectre 13 With New Envy Hybrid

HP dropped a new 15.6-inch Envy x360 Hybrid with some interesting specifications such as 4K Display option and usually it is Full HD. It is also 21 percent thinner with the longer battery life if you compare it to the predecessor.

With the new x360, it has a true dyamo and there is Intel Iris or AMD Radeon graphics they add to complete the latest gen Intel Core i5 or i7. In another word, it has the AMD A9-9410 processors.

It is designed with more than 8 GB of memory as well as 2TB hard drive and 256GB SSD.

You can find a single USB Type-C in addition to all common stuff such as card reader, HDMI and USB 3.0.



It was launched in July 2016 in the UK, and the starting price was about 779 pounds while the AMD-based model was about 599 pounds.

Good Bad


Tactile keyboard

Standard 1080 display

Mushy trackpad



It is a luxurious laptop that borrows the style of Lenovo Yoga 900S and the bag-friendly dimensions are inspired from MacBook. It has very thin design with the tactile keyboard. The biggest highlight is its Intel Core-series processor inside, plus the sleekness.

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  1. Newest Dell XPS 13-9350 Ultrabook Laptop (13.3″ Infinity Edge Display FHD 1080p, 6th Gen Intel Skylake i3-6100U 2.3GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SDD HDD, Bluetooth, Windows 10)

2016 Newest Dell XPS 13-9350 Ultrabook Laptop

2016 Newest Dell XPS 13-9350 Ultrabook Laptop

We must admit that it is totally an impressive laptop. It is the smallest 15-inch laptop they ever produced and the reason is so simple: the “InfinityEdge” display as you can found on the XPS 13 and XPS 12 hybrid with thin bezel for its profile to give shade larger than 15-inch.

In another word, when you compare it with your standard 15-inch laptop, it is a bit smaller. But, it is more than the 13-inch Dell XPS 13 ultrabooks if you set them aside.


body 2016 Newest Dell XPS 13-9350 Ultrabook Laptop

body 2016 Newest Dell XPS 13-9350 Ultrabook Laptop


For the entry model, it is powered by an Intel Core i5-6300HQ with the Nvidia GeForce 960 M graphics and full HD screen, 8GB of memory, 1TB HDD and 32GB SSD.

Other model is designed with a Core i7-6700HQ and the some top models go with 4K touchscreen display, 16/32GB memory and 500GB/1TB SSD. The GeForce 960M component comes as standard for all models.

Of course, it is a super convenient home laptop that allows you to turn on and off lighting fast so you don’t have to wait and spend wasting time for apps or program to load. We can say that it is one of best laptops high performance. We think that the most impressive design is on its display.

The 4K Screen

It has fantastic InfinityEdge that is quite bright and provides accurate picture. So, it doesn’t use OLED screen, but you could easily believe that it was. It doesn’t give you best contrast ratio or right black levels, but when it comes to normal application it gives you a world class looking display.

We also have to say that it is one of the best touchscreens used on a laptop, well best ever. The screen is fast and responsive to touch.

For those who have to work with graphics, this laptop will make you fall in love to support you dealing with toughest tasks.


Gaming performance

Absolutely, it is the right place for you who love to play game on laptop. The best is that you can go to get the full HD option or you can plug it into a secondary 1080p screen. By spending about 1,308 pounds, you can get the laptop with all the power but it has 1080 non-touchscreen.

If you have to carry laptop anywhere and anytime, the XPS13 is good, but the 15 is perfect for relative smallness. It is because the 13 version is only 1.2 kg, while the 15 version is about 2 kg.

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Keyboard and trackpad

The XP15 basically has the same keyboard as the XP13. It has larger carbon fiber-effect chassis that makes it a bit lost. When you type on, it is super comfortable and the keys are totally responsive so you may expect that it doesn’t have to be any bigger.

For the trackpad, it is also excellent. As you know, the big issue that is really happening until today is the accidental inputs. It happens when your hand or your arm accidentally touches the trackpad. It goes the same for this laptop.

Therefore, we suggest you in case that you use this laptop on your desk, it is better to use a mouse and then disable the pad, but somehow this problem happened to all laptops.

Ports and connections

This laptop has two USB 3.0 ports and you may expect that there should be three, one on the right hand side.

There is also an SD card slot with the full-size HDI port and Thunderbolt 3 port to support PowerShare. It supports you with 40Gbps data transfer in both directions, USB A, Ethernet, HDMI and VGA, but you have to purchase relevant cables or Dell’s Thunderbolt docks because it doesn’t come with the laptop.

Battery life

Although Dell claimed that the battery can work for more than 17 hours, in the reality it can be less than that. We tried to get 5 hours out and it worked under normal conditions which are quite good, even with the 4K touchscreen and powerful components. If you let the laptop works with maximum screen brightness while doing some tasks with the high CPU use, it only can work about 3 hours.


Body design

When you open it up, this laptop has premium look with the carbon fiber effect one inside surface that makes it identical to XPS13. This is the brilliant part. We think that the laptop will be better if they were constructed it with that material instead of using slight silver aluminum shell that is quite boring to see.

Then why they don’t do that? It is because the carbon fiber surface is basically a fingerprint magnet. It means that if you have some intense use, it only makes its look quite grotty.


The price is starting from 1,058 pounds and the top model is more than 1,728 pounds.

Good Bad
Brilliant 4K display

Portable 15-inch

Average battery life



It is a fantastic laptop especially for those who need a laptop on a desk at home or in office. It is cheaper but it has more highly specifications compared to MacBook Pro. It looks gorgeous with the 4K screen and it has ideal color accuracy to make it the ideal option for you who are working with graphics. The main weakness is its battery life.

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  1. Dell Computer XPS15-8947sLV XPS 15-Inch Touch Notebook

Dell Computer XPS15-8947sLV XPS 15-Inch Touch Notebook

Dell Computer XPS15-8947sLV XPS 15-Inch Touch Notebook

Before, no one has any standard design about their laptop. It is more about the function. As long as it works, it is okay for you to bring it at anywhere. But, laptops these days are also entering our fashion and lifestyle. Believe it or not that right now there seem a new standard for design such as the tapered body, the clever dynamic fulcrum hinge and others to create such a new trend.


The reimagined XPS 13 has not changed a lot from the original version but it has edge-to-edge display for its fantastic look. The laptop is surrounded by 5.2mm of thin bezel as well as 1.3-inch of infinity display with the borderless virtual look. It only takes a little space to your lap, desk or train table since it is one of the most portable and desirable window laptops in 13-inch class.

To follow the price tag, it has some innovations. It means that you can choose four models to suit your wallet. The least model has a non-touch Full HD matte display, 4GB or 8GB of ram together with 128GB or 256GB SSD.

The top model has two more powerful configurations with the support of superior high-resolution QHD+ touchscreen to make it very vibrant and crips but with more battery life. It also comes with Core i7 processor, 8GM of memory as well as 258GB or 512GB SSD.

Overall, all models are completed with Windows 8.1.

Size and Build

Well, it is a very compact laptop with the dimension-bending design which makes it perfect especially for travelers or the space-conscious desk users. The greatest point is about the durable aluminum lid and the underside. It has great look with the lid open. The trackpad and the palm rest are constructed from smooth carbon fiber material. It appears to shift in the light, thanks for its subtle thatched design.

It is a portable laptop but it is not quite light as the new MacBook.



For the full HD and QHD+ models, both of them are designed with Dell’s Infinity display, but the latter model has attractive edge-to-edge glass panel cover to give more consistent and complete look. The glossy downside makes the screen is harder to read with the reflection bouncing for its left, right and centre.  On the contrary, the Full HD model has less premium look with the reflections and glare.

For multimedia professionals, it is a complicated option. The QHD+ model comes with the whopping 3,200 x 1,800 pixel-resolution. It means that everything on it look sharp as well as detailed such as the text, images, menus and even the program windows. It is possible for you to zoom in while editing images or zoom it out while video editing. This obviously is great.


Besides the adaptive brightness, it is also completed with useful features including the dazzling QHD+ display you can find on the touchscreen version as well as the useful button-activated battery indicator and the left-hand edge. It is quite different from the new Apple’s MacBook. It is featured with several ports, such as two USB 3.0 displayport, headphone jack, Kensington security lock as well as SD card reader.

It is also equipped with two speakers located at the sides to give loud performance in the first inspection. It happens if you crank up the bass with the help of pre-installed Waves MaxxAudio software. It comes with comfortable machine’s full-size chiclet but we think that it should be improved while the trackpad’s sensitivity is quite excellent.


The company provided both Intel’s Core-i5 and Core-i7 processors which mean it supports daily computing tasks from web browsing, word processing, video streaming and spreadsheet editing.

If you have to work with 20+ browser taps you need to open at once while editing video, resizing images or light gaming, you should choose the version with 8GB of memory.


For the touchscreen version, the battery can last 4 hours and 21 minutes based on T3’s rigorous battery life test, with the real-world tasks, WiFi on and 100% level of brightness until depleted. It means if you can lower it around 60%, you can save battery life to few more hours. If you go with the non-touch version, it goes better which is about 8 hours and 11 minutes in the same condition. In a short word, the touchscreen version can work longer if you dim the screen. If you have a big concern on the battery life, Dell provides you a Power Companion accessory rated at 12000mAh to give healthy boost in battery part.

Good Bad
Excellent display

Compact design and lightweight

Packs power

Fingerprints easily

Adaptive brightness

Average battery life for QHD+ model

Off-centre webcam


So, it is more expensive than Asus UX303 if you go with the QHD+ version, but it worth the money. It has bezel surround with its sleek design. It also provides you excellent portability even much better than the 12-inch of MacBook. The advantage to go with this option it has the newest Skylake processor under its bonnet and the Thunderbolt 3 as well as USB 3.0 ports.

The most important part is its solid performer but it gives you terrific display especially for the QHD+ version. If you go with the high-end version, you should beware the battery life. We think that Dell has their newest innovation at the low end with the good value, same excellent design and build quality to the most expensive model. If you have no concern on money, the QHD+ touchscreen and Core i7 processor is a good way to go.

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  1. ASUS ZenBook UX303UA 13.3-Inch FHD Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 (64 bit)
ASUS ZenBook UX303UA 13.3-Inch FHD Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 (64 bit)

ASUS ZenBook UX303UA 13.3-Inch FHD Touchscreen Laptop, Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Windows 10 (64 bit)

This is the most portable MacBook laptop at this time.

It comes out with more interesting technology. It is a 12-inch laptop with skinny design and the USB type-C. It is the option for you who need dazzling device.

But, it was not most people expected on the street since it is not the “MacBook Air with Retina Display”. Its tapered design is borrowed from MacBook Air and it has Retina’s high resolution display from MacBook Pro. The black bezel is skinny with the shallow keyboard and the Intel Core M processor.

If you need a laptop that is very portable as runs OS X and iPad, it is a luxurious and recommended option.

Size and Build

The display bezel accommodates more screen just like the Dell XPS 13. Even its footprint is almost similar to the 11-inch of MacBook Air. In comparison, the new MacBook (30 cm of width, 19.2 cm of depth and 1.7 cm of height) is longer and wider than the 11-inch Air (28 cm of width, 19.7 cm of depth and 1.31 cm of height), but it can shave off about half a milimetre in its height. The durable aluminum design makes it great.



The contentious decision was taken by Apple by giving the new MacBook with one USB Type-C port. It is smaller compared to a standard USB port and reversible, but it is able to provide power with the DisplayPort, VGA, or HDMI support. Sadly, you have to use USB-C Multi Port adapter if you want to use two or more than that.

Besides the USB Type-C, Apple had to use new keyboard and trackpad to make it really thin. The Force Touch Trackpad is very innovative which allows you a third ‘Force’ click just by pressing down the trackpad with certain degree of pressure. It allows you to activate a Quick Look or to see file’s information.

As we know, there is a scissor mechanism in a traditional keyboard that makes it wobble around the edges. For this new keyboard, it has new butterfly hinge under its backlit key. It is constructed from a single and strong piece of material to make it truly responsive anytime you hit it.

Another thing you can get from the new keyboard is it doesn’t make you to travel a lot. It allows you closer to typing on an on-screen keyboard compared to the traditional keyboard. In addition, the new speaker gives surprisingly loud and clear sound for its size.


It is about 2,304 x 1,440 pixel-resolution display with the 226 pixels-per-inch and 12-inch toe-to-toe with 227 PPI retina.

Since it is an IPS variant, it means you will get bold colors, deep blacks but provides excellent viewing angles. This allows you to read websites outdoors easily even if you have to put up with reflections and screen glare.

The OS X resolution is 1,280 x 800 by default to give crisp text, sharp images and smooth lines. It gives little room on desktop for windows and apps. It even works up to 1,440 x 900 to give usable space and image quality.


display asus zenbook UX303UA

display asus zenbook UX303UA


Of course, there are some bad and good things when it is all about the performance. It works with the Intel’s Core M processor which means that it uses little power and Apple didn’t add a fan inside to make it totally thin. When it works without a fan, it also means that it doesn’t give no noise and it has very little heat dissipation although if you are pushing the machine to the maximum level. That is all about the good things.

Move on the bad part. The Core M, is a chip that is specially designed for mobile devices and it works for 2-in-1 hybrids. It is slower than Core-series processor that you can find in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina version. We can say that it is less good if you have to use it for heavy computing tasks including editing videos, large image files as well as 3D rendering.

On the contrary, there is 8GB of RAM, fast 128GB or 245GB SSD mean that is good enough to handle everyday tasks including surfing the web, editing small-medium image files, writing documents, streaming videos and some other light gaming, it happens with the help of integrated HD 5300 graphics.


To make it better, it comes out with terraced and contoured battery design so it can deal with its slim dimension instead of using traditional rectangular battery. Its rate is 39.7Whr with the 9-hour batter life claim and the rigorous battery life test. It can be more than 7 hours when looping 1080p video throughout Wi-Fi. This is the impressive part.

Good Bad
Thin and light

Retina display

Futuristic laptop design

Excellent portability

Superb battery life

Shallow keyboard

One USB-C port only

The processor


In conclusion, it is a unique laptop for you who need a Retina display with the compact ad light chassis design. To use it, you have to put up with switching adapters when hooking up monitors and wired peripherals. You also have to re-train your fingers because the less tactile feedback for its keyboard.

If you think that an adapter is not a problem to use multiple USB devices, what you will get is punchy speakers, good battery life as well as catwalk. It is totally a laptop that is very fun to use.

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  1. Microsoft Surface Book (128GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5)
display Microsoft Surface Book (128GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5)

display Microsoft Surface Book (128GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5)

A new Surface Pro has been revealed by Microsoft at New York event show following with Lumia 950 and 950 XL devices as well as Microsoft Band 2. The unexpected was the brand new surface, named the Surface Book.

We can say that it is a powerful laptop and it is the thinnest ever from Windows with the thickness about 7.7mm and about 13-5 inch of PixelSense screen, over six million pixels with the bonded display design.

The hinge is super cool called a Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge. We also have to admit that it is still a tablet which is completed with detachable keyboard. It also has glass trackpad with Windows 10 gestures as well as unspecified Nvidia GeForce GPU. It is completed with Intel Skylake Core i5 and i7 processor. The company claimed that it has double speed performance from 13-inch MacBook Air and the battery life is 12 hours.


For US market, its price is $1,499 USD and the pre-orders begin from October 7. It will be ready in US stores around October 26.


For the Surface Pro 4, it is the new version of kickstand-cum-tablet arrangement and it has new Surface Pen. It is thinner, lighter and even more powerful. The base is Core M 128GB model and it comes with new Type Cover. If you are seeking for a better Type Cover, it is possible to choose new docking station with the improved key travel, 12.3-inch of display for 5 million pixels.

For US model, it seems that the company will add fingerprint reader.

design Microsoft Surface Book (128GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5)

design Microsoft Surface Book (128GB, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i5)

Good Bad
Futuristic design

Seamless tablet separation

Battery life far from promises

Major updates still in tow



It is a 2-in-1 laptop that has detachable display. You can use it as a laptop or tablet. For several reasons, it is a good laptop. First, it has high-resolution 3:2 aspec

Best Laptops In 2017 With High Performance You Can Buy Right Now




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