Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Review

Recently, Bose updated their SoundLink Bluetooth speaker and they added the new bose soundlink revolve plus on the list. It is designed as a water-resistant speaker with high portability to offer you nice sound in all direction. It is easy to operate with beautiful design. It also has a powerful sonic performance with a lot of improvements including the sculpted and rich bass, clear high-mids and highs. It offers a balanced, robust signature for all listeners.

Best Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Review Bluetooth Speaker

Best Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Review Bluetooth Speaker

The Design – Ideal For Poolside Parties

The Bluetooth speaker is available in both black and gray. The weight is 2-pound and it has 7.3 by 4.1 by 4.1 inches of HWD. It has smaller cylindrical contour top panel compared to the base that will remind you to a large salt shaker. Besides, the speaker comes with an IPX4 rating to make it possible dealing with the water splash. It is an ideal option if you need a Bluetooth speaker for poolside parties.

The top panel is the place for all controls, rubberized with a built-in and flexible handle. The base has a connection point for the micro USB charging cable and 3.5 mm of aux input. The rubberized base supports the speaker to prevent the vibration movement. It also has a threaded universal mount that allows you to attach it to tripods.

On the top, there are buttons for power, source, and Bluetooth pairing. About source, it allows the switches between the USB input and aux input. If you tap the Bluetooth button, the device will switch back to a wireless device. The button is multi-function for playback, track navigation as well as call management.

It comes with plus and minus buttons to help you control the volume. It can work with your mobile device volume setting. The company completes it with a wall socket power adapter for the USB cable. But, the plug is a little bit far from one side of the adapter frame that makes it hard to plug it, especially into the crowded power strips.

The company does not include a 3.5 mm of cable for the aux input. That can be a big disappointment. You can use the USB cable to play music from a computer. This is a solid, uncommon feature they can provide to all of us.

It is possible for you to get a charging cradle, but you have to pay more. It sounds unnecessary because it uses the same cable as well as wall adapter with the device. It only helps you if you don’t want to plug and unplug the cable during charging.

Speaking about the mic, it has a decent design. It is built into the Bluetooth speakers with excellent clarity.

A free app is available, the Bose Connect that is different from the other speaker apps. It is easy to use because of the intuitive design. It is the same app that other wireless Bose devices use. It means you can manage many products with it. It allows you to control several functions on the Bluetooth speaker by using this app such as the volume, playback, party mode, and pairing. You can deactivate the voice prompts, use the auto-off timer to save more battery life and use the user manual.

The Bluetooth speaker comes with 16-hour of battery life. It depends on the volume levels as well as the combination of wired and wireless playback.

Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus bluetoot speaker

Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus bluetoot speaker

Performance – Richest and Fullest Bass Response

It delivers powerful lows and it does not distort at the top of the listening levels. Some digital signal is possible to hear at high volume. If you want to get richest and fullest bass response, you should not use it at the maximum volume.

Bose soundlink revolve plus works well for a track with a little deep bass in the mix. It provides a pleasant and strong bass presence. The vocals sound muddy, but there is a crisp treble edge for clarity. It is a very sculpted audio, so if you expect a truly accurate Bluetooth speaker, you may be disappointed with this one.

For any orchestral tracks, the Bluetooth speaker gives a little excitement to the mix of extra bass depth and low-mid presence. However, it can be annoying if you look for an accurate mix.


For its sonic performance, it is a winner. It has solid and water-resistant construction to make it as the best, amazing party speaker. But, it is still not enough to beat Libratone Zipp, Sony SRS-XB 40, Harmon Kardon Onyx Mini and B&O Play Beoplay A1. Bose soundlink revolve plus is good for your pool party.

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