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group marketer reviewUntil now, Facebook has been regarded as the largest social network in the world. It is considered as a small country which contributes to human freedom and efforts in creating a flat world, where the gap between the real world and the Internet world is maximized.

According to Facebook research, up to 1.15 billion users and 699 million people around the World use Facebook every day. An average of one person involved and like about 89 groups or Fanpages. And the fact that Groups on Facebook work effectively and this number is rising dramatically. However, there is a drawback that you can’t post too many post every day. I will help you to solve this problem with my Group Marketer review then.

What is Group Marketer software?

Group Marketer is a desktop software for both Windows and Mac, which allows to both mass join and mass post on schedule, as well as post to unlimited Facebook groups by the user who is just a regular member of the groups.

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Why you should buy Group Marketer

It allows to post to unlimited Facebook groups

As you know, each group has its admin. Whether your post is published or not depends on their decision. Besides, there are hundreds, thousands and millions member on each group so the rate that your content is posted is small. Another object reason is Facebook limit the number of posts on Facebook. This leads to difficult for Facebook marketers. In order to help you with these problems, Group Marketer software would like to provide you an approval that you can update unlimited number of posts on Facebook Groups every day. Once you use this product, you can post your contents time to time. You don’t need the acceptance of any one.

It helps you to find popular groups

As far as you concern, the more crow the group, the more people know about your contents. There are thousands groups on Facebook so it is difficult for you to find your favorite groups. You used to cost too much time on finding them, the amount of time would be reduced significantly when using Group Marketer. It will help you find the groups you want with you input keyword. It makes sure that found groups will meet your requirements.

group marketer review

You can take part in as many as group you want

It is fact that you can promote you contents much if you post your contents on many groups. Normally, you are permitted to attend on limited groups. With Group Marketer, you have not to worry about this anymore. You can register to many groups without Facebook management.

It helps you promote your product automatically

Posting is your responsibility and promoting is the duty of Group Marketer. Instead of spending time on observing your content, let Group Marketer do it for you. Even when you offline, you can make sure that your posts are promoted automatically. It will give you posting schedule and help you on boosting.


Taking full advantages of Facebook to serve your marketing campaign is a great choice. You can easily promoting your products with the help of Group Marketer. This product is an ideal product for you and your business. You would lead other company on Facebook marketing with this product.

My Group Marketer review aims to provide you useful information about this product and help you with your purchase decision.

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