Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 Network Scanner Review For Small Office And Workgroup

Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 is basically identical in many ways to the ScanJet as a flatbed document scanner. It is different from the expensive sibling because the new 4500 has better network design with Ethernet and Wi-Fi. It performs faster scan with higher daily duty performance. It is the winner if you compare it to the Canon imageFormula DR-2020U since it is quicker, but the price is comparable to the Epson WorkForce DS-6500. If you need fast and easy scanning for a usable file format with the built-in networking, Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 is the king of the flatbed document scanner for a small office or even workgroup. Below is the complete Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 Review you can find.

Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 Network Scanner Review

Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 Network Scanner Review

Smaller and Lighter

The new Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 has 5.7 by 20.5 by 15.2 inches of HWD with the weight is about 13.2 pounds. It is like the ScanJet Pro 3500, which is smaller and lighter and it is quite large on the average desktop. This new scanner is longer, lighter, yet shorter that makes it the favorable option among Canon DR-2020U or the Epson DS-6500. The mentioned canners have 600 dpi of capability when you scan files from the ADF and 1,200 dpi from flatbed. They perform single-pass mechanisms with two sensors to offer more reliable and faster two-sided scanning. What makes the 4500 model is better is its duty cycle to deal with 4,000 pages, a higher number compared to other models mentioned above.

The Buttons: Back, Home, and Help

You can configure and scan all files with Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1. It has 2.8-inch of colored touch screen display. The flatbed has some buttons like Back, Home, and Help. It also has included HP Scan Software with some features such as Scan to PDF, Scan to Email, Scan to Folder and others. It gives more options of resolution, destination and configuration. It is possible to modify your existing profiles, or create a new one as you want. The flatbed is networkable with the gigabit Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It allows you to scan to your mobile devices with the support of Wi-Fi Direct as well as HP’s JetAdvantage Capture app for both iOS and Android Users. It is also possible to connect it directly by using USB 3.0 or USB 2.0. It is included with the USB 3.0 cable in its package. It is different from the ScanJet 3500 and Epson DS-6500 models that only build with the optional Wi-Fi adapter and Ethernet module.

Connectivity Options

In Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 Review, you can find the fact that the new Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 has several connectivity options. You can choose from Wi-Fi, Ethernet or USB. The setup has something different. The test is the USB 3.0 cable and it has the included optical disk such as the drivers, HP utilities, Kofak VRS Pro and Nuance PaperPort. It comes with optional optical character recognition and business card archiving software programs you can get only by online. Its equipments are HP Scan Software and HP Scan Tools Utility.

Better and Faster Primary Scanning Utility

It gets better and faster scanning from inside Readiris. The Software comes with a comprehensive interface that will let you to create and then save profiles to control all scans you do from file types such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, RTF, TXT, searchable PDF and image, including the resolution and destination such as Printer, Folder, FTP, OCR, SFTO, Mobile Device, OneDrive, Dropbox as well as Everday Scan. It lets you to set multiple destinations at the same time.

More Complete Software Bundles Than The Rivals

It is helpful for you to view scanner stats and then manage the scanner. The Nuance PaperPort is a well-known document management program. Kofak VRS Pro handles poor scans to improve the current OCR accuracy. It means that the Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 is better with more complete software design than the rivals.

Faster Than Canon 2020U And Epson DS-6500

The rate of Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 at 30 page per minute to do single sided scans and 60 images per minute, each page side is an image for two-sided scans. The test was based on Readiris with the default 300dpi through USB 3.0 from the standard Core i5 PC with Windows 10 Professional. The test rate for the lag time is not included. In the end, it has 3500 at 31.66ppm as well as 61.2pm that makes it faster than the ratings.



To scan and save the image PDF, the speed was about 28.6ppm and 54.5imp. But, it is still faster than the Canon 2020U, HP ScanJet Pro 3500 and Epson DS-6500, especially for saving image PDF. It was able to scan two-sided 25-sheet or 50 pages document to searchable PDF in just 58 seconds. It means 2 seconds slower compared when saving the same document to the image PDF. For the DR-2020U, it required 1 minute and 23 seconds to scan and save the same documents to the searchable PDF, while the DS-6500 required 2:36 and the ScanJet was the slowest with 5:44 time to spend.

It is important to note that the Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 was tested via USB 3.0 liter while others were tested by the use of USB 2.0 even though the ScanJet 3500 is compatible with the USB 3.0. The faster interface in the 4500 will give you a special advantage.

OCR Performance Test

During the OCR performance test, the accuracy of Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 down to 6 points and there were no errors on the test page for the Arial font and about 8 points on the Times New Roman page. This test was the opposite of the 3500 model with 8 points for Arial as well as 6 points for Times New Roman.

For the Canon Dr-2020u, it got 8 points without errors on both the pages. The Epson DS-6500 had 5 points on the Arial and 8 points for the Times New Roman. All results are accurate. The scanning business card to Cardiris helps you to use the program to convert the scanned text to be editable and then populate the database for archiving.

Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 Network Scanner Review

Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 Network Scanner Review

Business Card Scanning Test

When it is all about the business card scanning software, it is more about determining the accuracy. Cards have common fonts on white or light-colored background to offer greater accuracy instead of decorative typefaces or patterned background. During the test with the turned on color dropout and other enhancement filters, it showed better result but the filters cannot perform it. It means if the data on the cards are easy to decipher with the naked eye without too much retyping, it shows excellent result.

Final Word

Based on the Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 Review and tests, Hp ScanJet Pro 4500 Fn 1 is one of the flatbed document scanners with networkable design. It has and ADF that has the comparable price as its rivals. It is designed for Wi-Fi and Ethernet supports. That makes it valuable. It can perform faster scanning than the average model to save your time for searchable PDF. It has high accuracy for your document-scanning task. Although it has little complains but it is still the best choice for small office or workgroup.

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