LG G6 Phone Review, Specs And Release Date

The current trend that most mobile phone companies have to deal is about presenting big-screen phones but with small package. LG has proved it through the new LG G6 phone. Many reviews explained that it is one of the best Android phones you must buy once it is ready to launch.

We must agree that bigger is better when it is all about the matter of display in all phones, but for the body, some may hate it. It is the biggest reason that not all people carry a tablet all the time. Before, we had big demand of massive screen with truly compact body deign through a phablet, but the coming of this new phone will send them to an endless nightmare.

Basically it was born to continue the life of LG G5. The smartphone is redefined with its more modular construction. It is not as bold or even as risky as the G5 and it sounds that LG wants to play safe.

lg 6 mobile phones smartphone quality Review Product

lg 6 mobile phones smartphone quality Review

LG G6 the new manageable phablet

It is hard to believe that the new G6 is designed with the screen size about 5.7-inch and it feels so small in hands. The phone is easy to hold and it doesn’t matter for you to hold it in one hand. It is still usable all the time. How can?

It happens because LG reduced the size of the bezels and they decided to go with 18:9 aspect ratio. It means the phone is longer and thinner compared to the 16:9 aspect ratio screens which are mostly used in other Android phones.

Modern Front with Front Gorilla Glass 3 and Back Gorilla Glass 5

At the front, the G6 is so modern with the rounded corners of its screen. It makes the screen rounded too. The rounded corners of the phone prevent any catastrophic screen damage. The top and the bottom bezels have thin design with the standing out design for its screen which makes the phone has minimalist style. Well, it is not the end because it is constructed from metal and glass with Gorilla Glass 3 for its front and Gorilla Glass 5 for its back. It is recommended to buy c6 case if you worry for its break and expensive replacement.

fingerprint sensor at the back

If you flip the phone over, you will see that there is the iconic fingerprint sensor at the rear which also works as power button placed underneath the dual-lens camera as well as the flash unit. The logo is very subtle. The platinum model has fantastic look with black and white color options. The phone may be thicker than others but not too much. The size and the shape are perfect with the big-screen display.

LG G6 specs  and the special 18:9 aspect ratio

The display is about 5.7 inches and the impressive 2,880 x 1,440-pixel resolution completes its offer to make the screen specs are cool. But that is not the special part. It is all about the 18:9 aspect ratio with 2:1 ratio and it means that the phone has two excellent squares that fit next to each other on it.

How special is the aspect ratio?

It seems they want to make or break the 18:9 ratio screen. It offers the same look. It allows you to watch Daredevil and Marco Polo on this phone with superb quality. It offers more cinematic, immersive and of course impactful.

Is that the only special thing?

What make it more special is the Dolby Vision and the HDR 10 support. It makes the phone has better colors, wider viewing angles and more accurate contrast levels. For any video content that is not formatted for 18:9 screen, it will have black bars on the sides of the video. Other than that, it has stunning display which is full of color with warmth and perfect details.

Even if the screen is 5.7-inch, it has different look from other phones in the same screen size. The screen of the phone is still a big controversy because it has taller and thinner aspect ratio. If you compare it with iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inch) and when you open an app, the iPhone has more text and information on its screen than in this phone.

LG G6 with Android 7.0 Nougat

This phone is supported by Android 7.0 Nougat with the Mach 2017 security patch ready in the phone so that the device is up to date. The user interface is placed to the phone with few additions to give better improvements. You can see some changes such as the notification shade, the setting menu and the option to start the app try and the spread apps for the multiple home screens. LG also designs it with various themes including the backgrounds, the wallpapers as well as the icons to make it more fun.

It works if you want an Android phone with multi-window app use. it is also easy to activate the phone that is by long press of its menu key. There are only few apps added by the company such as QuickMemo+ that is integrated to Google Drive, Task app, LG Health and its music, messaging, file manager as with calendar apps. In addition, the phone has FM radio app and audio recorder.

The most interesting square camera

The square camera is the most interesting part. It can split the screen into two. The top is for square format images and the lower is for previews as well as custom shots. However, it can be a problem for those who love to see the square camera that must be built in main camera app.

The Grid Shot runs well and the square is brown down to quarters that will tell you neat little story. The result can be posted to Twitter or Facebook at ease.

snapshot photo lg G6 mobile phones

snapshot photo lg G6 mobile phones

The Square camera is completed with some features such as Match Shot that is similar to Grid Shot but with two pictures, not four. The Guide Shot can be used for matching photos by using handy transparent overlay which allow you to capture the same pose or even composition but on multiple occasions.

If you apply long press on it home button, the phone will send you to Google Assistant. It is the first phone from LG that use the Assistant and the phone is about 95% ready for its launch. It means the company may add some alterations before its sales. What we found is no compatibility issues.

A stunning wide-angle camera

On the back of the phone, you can find two camera lenses and both have 13mp. One has wider angle lens compared to the other. The wide angle lens comes with 125-degree and it doesn’t have optical image stabilization, but it is featured with f/2.4 aperture. The other one has 71-degree standard of lens with OIS and better f/1.8 aperture.

Taking photos in low light with the standard angle lens will offer more detail and less noise result. Some fantastic nighttime as well as evening shots are added to give more dramatic look to the environment. It is perfect for your creativity and it is recommended to use wide-angle lens for an area with right lighting.

In daylight, the camera sounds not ideal and it is expected to get any solutions from the company when the final app is released. The screen also didn’t do the photo justice. During the test, it provided best image in several different tests when we compared it to Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus. The phone camera is quite close to the Pixel XL.

bigger picture camera LG 6

bigger picture camera LG 6

It is enjoyable to take photos with G6 with the wide-angle mode for more interesting use. The manual mode is available for both video and stills if you don’t mind to change the settings. You can use Google Photos as well as other third-party app including Snapseed.

The selfie camera comes with 5mp with single 100-degree as well as wide-angle lens. The two modes are completed with a button on its screen. Several filters are available to manipulate the skin tone and the lighting sources. However, it cannot match Huawei P10 yet. It is great for group shots.

The extra screen in its camera app with the top edge and the side edge in its landscape can be used as the preview gallery that will show the last four pictures you have taken which means you don’t have to open the gallery to see the images.

camera LG G6 mobile phones

camera LG G6 mobile phones

LG G6 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of Ram

It doesn’t use the latest snapdragon 835 and perhaps this part will get some complains. It is because they decide using this processor to make the phone on sale quickly. Based on the AnTuTu benchmark, it has about 135,032 as the score and the 3DMark’s Slingshot Extreme test assessed it for 2,102. The score are similar to the Pixel XL and close to LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7.

The lack of removable battery on the phone can be the next problem. It is now a sealed phone with the IP68 water as well as dust resistance rating as its sign. The replaceable battery is a good solution but it wouldn’t be great if you have to replace the phone right after you spill a drink over it. It means you lose one feature to another. This problem can be solved with the durable protectors.

The battery life was poor. In a single day, in the same level of use the battery was only about 25 percent including the use of social networking, photo work, navigation and games. If you buy the phone in U.S. market, you will find the wireless charging but it is not available for international versions. The battery has 3,200mAh of capacity and it takes about an hour and 30 minutes to charge.

LG G6 doesn’t come with Hi-Fi Audio and small storage

The phone is designed for those who love watching stunning video and tragically, the company doesn’t build it for audio experience. There are no stereo speakers, only a single one you can find at the base of the phone. It doesn’t have Dolby Atmos or standard Dolby Audio. The single speaker is so decent but not as good as iPhone 7 Plus or HTC phone.

The Quad DAC is restricted by LG in South Korea. The U.S. market will get 32GB of internal storage with MicroSDcard slot as the SIM tray, but for international market, they will provide larger capacity models. For European market, they do provide Quad DAC and wireless charging. LG explained that it is all about buyer preferences.

LG G6 release date

It went on sale on April 24 for 24 european countries including France, U.K. and Germany. The phone is easy to find.

LG G6 review summary

Good Bad
Compact and attractive body

Big and beautiful screen

Great images with dual-lens camera

Updated software with Google Assistant

IP68 water resistant

All models need Quad DAC, more storage and wireless charging

Audio is less prior

You must buy this subtle Android phone with beautiful design and brilliant feature especially the cracking camera. It has good software with Google Assistant that has cohesive performance through the phone.

google assitants lg 6

google assitants lg 6

It is also a compact and easy-to-use Android phone just with one hand, yet offer larger screen compared to the rivals.

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