Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Release Date

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus has been launched to battle with other high technology smart phones on the global market. Samsung provided it as the latest model with the Infinity Display, Iris Scanning, Duel Pixel Camera, Ip68-rated and Dust Resistance. The phone is also completed with the amazing Quad HD in size of 6.2-inch as well as Super AMOLED display 2960×1440. It has 559 ppi and it is the first history of phone in the world with the use of 10nm processor.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Design And Display – Pure Content, No Bezel

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Release Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Release Date and Price

The latest model is designed with revolutionary look. The S8+ has been the sign that Samsung spent all their best efforts to its layout and to assure the market that it is a conventional smartphone with its stunning screen. It has pure content and even no bezel at all. The screen is the biggest and most immersive on Galaxy lineup. It is a good phone for those who are seeking for a latest smartphone that is easy to hold in one hand.

A new standard has been set to its display for uninterrupted and immersive experience that you will get. It is possible for you to expand the screen size without having larger phone. The view is larger, but the phone feels small when you hold it. Therefore the phone is easy to hold or use. The grip is so comfortable with the smooth curves so you can hold it easily while you enjoy watch some movies on its bigger screen. The most important is, Samsung removed the important short cuts. They put the edge screen on both Galaxy S8+ models.

The uniform front also has smooth silhouettes around its back. It is designed with the rear camera flushed with the surface to give a tranquil look.  Whether you want to use it for watching movies or playing games, it is all that you need with its amazing screen. It has 18:5:9 display ratio to enjoy you seeing the whole scene on its display screen. In addition, Samsung Galaxy S8+ allows you to text while you watch your movies or create any list while you browse. In another word, the phone lets you to get efficient multitasking performance with the bigger screen. It is also possible for you to resize the windows easily. For those who love reading article or social media feed, the bigger screen allows you to scroll less.

technology for all Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Release Date and Price

technology for all Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Release Date and Price

If you see the new navigation keys, basically it is similar to the current model but the company made this latest model more beautiful with the simple press and fast work. The seamless navigation on both S8 and S8+ completed the offer with the sleek and clean interface, thanks to the smooth Infinity Display. It has striking look once you unlock it from AOD (Always On Display) and you try to switch between the apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Specification

Below is the specification of Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus:

Camera                               : Front camera 8MP, rear camera 12 MP with Optical Image Stabilization.

Performance                     : Octa-core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 64 bit, 10nm

Octa-core 2.3Ghz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad, 64 bit, 10nm processor.

Memory and SIM Card  : Single SIM model, MicroSD slot more than 256GB

Dual SIM model (Hybrid SIM slot): one Nano SIM and one Nano SIM or one MicroSD slot (up to 256GB)

Battery Capacity               : 3500mAh.

Charging                            : Compatible with WPC and PMA

Fast Charging on both wired and wireless charging

specifications technology for all Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Release Date and Price

specifications technology for all Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Release Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Plus Pros and Cons Review

Good Bad
Big screen, but acceptable size

Best camera

Slick software and performance

Most expensive phone yet

Flawed fingerprint sensor



If you love Android phone with big and tall design, this smartphone can be your choice. Samsung is able to offer it by removing the physical home button as well as surrounding bezel and it also means that the device has annoying rear, amazing display, off-center fingerprint sensor, slick software and the Bixby voice assistant.


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